Student Health Fee

If you're a full-time student taking five or more credits, the Student Health Fee is automatically added to your tuition bill and cannot be waived.

Student Health Fee charges are per semester; benefits are on an annual basis. Aug. 1 – Jan. 19; spring coverage is effective Jan. 20 – July 31.

The Student Health Fee is $344 per semester for individuals taking five or more credits. Graduate students with health plan eligibility are responsible for 5% of the Student Health Fee. Charges vary for other students; call Patient Services, (413) 577-5192, for information.

The Student Health Fee works together with your primary health insurance, entitling you to be seen at UHS and absorbing many costs not covered by primary health insurance, including co-pays and co-insurance; health education and promotion services;mental health crisis management; public health and emergency preparedness activities; and subsidies for non-covered programs. Patients are responsible for insurance plan deductibles.