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Immunizations are important to help prevent the spread of disease. State law requires that college students have certain immunizations before coming to school.

The New Student Immunization Program (NSIP) oversees these requirements. The NSIP reviews students’ immunization records, contacts those with incomplete information and helps students get missing immunizations.

Immunization information must be submitted on the Massachusetts Required Immunization History form. Download the form below and follow the instructions carefully.

Download the New Student Immunization form...

Submit the immunization form in any of the following ways before your first semester on campus:

Drop the form off at our office: University Health Services, 150 Infirmary Way, Room 154

Mail the form to NSIP: University Health Services, 150 Infirmary Way, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA 01003-9288

Scan and email the form:

Fax the form: (413) 577-3252

If you haven't turned it in by the end of the Add/Drop period, a hold will be placed on your record, preventing you from registering for classes.

Immunization FAQs

Learn more about immunization requirements with these FAQs.

Contact the NSIP

(413) 577-5275

(413) 577-3252


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