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ADHD medication management

Psychostimulant medications may be part of the management plan for some patients with ADHD or other conditions.

Before beginning psychostimulant medication, a medical screening exam is done to be sure there are no heart problems, medical conditions, or other mental health disorders that would make the use of these medications unsafe.

Medication misuse

Psychostimulant medications are controlled substances, strictly regulated by state and federal law because of their potential for misuse, abuse and diversion.

Most students who are prescribed medications use them safely as directed. However, some are convinced they have ADHD and take medications offered or sold to them. This is both potentially dangerous and a felony.

UHS policies

Medication contract

Although the majority of students use medications as prescribed, all students are asked to complete and sign a psychostimulant medication contract that becomes a part of their medical record. Failure to abide by this agreement will result in psychostimulant medications not being prescribed or refilled.

View a sample informed consent and agreement document.


Prescriptions for ADHD medications are written by one prescriber – a physician, nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or physician’s assistant – for a one month’s supply. Regular follow-up is expected for new patients and medication or dosage changes. Once a student and prescriber have determined medications, side effects and therapeutic response, appointments are generally scheduled for one to two times per semester.

Refills and replacements

ADHD medication refills require 48 – 72 hours notice and are never rewritten on nights or weekends. Students are expected to plan ahead if they are running low on medication. There is a “no replacements” policy for lost, stolen or misplaced medications or prescriptions.

The UHS Pharmacy is conveniently located on the first floor of the health center.