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UMass Phallacies

UMass Phallacies is a men's health dialogue and theater program based in the Center for Health Promotion.

The purpose

For many men, traditional notions of masculinity create confusion about what it means to be a man and can funnel men into having insufficient health knowledge, to take risks with their health, and to engage in violent and abusive behaviors.

Research indicates that the more a man accepts this traditional masculinity, the more likely he is to be sexually and relationally violent, drive unsafely, refuse to use condoms, use dietary supplements, carry weapons, engage in high-risk drinking and drug use, and many other unhealthy and dangerous behaviors.

UMass Phallacies is predicated on the idea that since individual and community health and safety are negatively impacted by acceptance of traditional masculinity, individual and community health and safety can be improved by challenging and dismantling that acceptance and supporting the acceptance and expression of multiple masculinities, and that men need to be active participants in that process.

Plenty of men are challenging this way of being masculine. Some of us are performing for you in UMass Phallacies and we know we're only the tip of the iceberg!

About the director

Tom Schiff, Ed.D. is a health educator at the Center for Health Promotion. He has close to 30 years of experience working with men and boys on issues of health, abuse, violence, sexual harassment, sexism, and homophobia as an educator, counselor, and consultant. Tom also serves as an adjunct pofessor for the Social Justice Education programs at UMass Amherst. More about Tom...

Learn more

Contact Tom Schiff,, or 413-577-5133.