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Parent or Guardian

Your young person is in college!

It’s an exciting phase of life, but one that brings new concerns for your student’s health and safety. Is he or she getting enough sleep, eating right, exercising, studying, making friends, behaving responsibly? UHS is here to help, with high quality services that support your student's wellbeing.

Choosing a UHS primary care provider (PCP) when they get to school gives them an important relationship with an adult who’s focused on their health. Many insurance plans require PCP referrals for health care services; designating a PCP at UHS can streamline services while your student is at school. Learn more about health insurance referrals.

Stay involved in your student's life, especially during the early days of school and during times of stress, like exams. The more you’re connected, the more likely they are to make healthy decisions.

If you’ve got concerns about your student, look, listen and learn. Be aware of changes in their behavior, attitude or appearance. Pay attention to what they’re telling you ... and what they may not be.

Remember that students 18 and over are considered adults and their medical records are confidential. Talk with your student about balancing your wish for involvement with their need for privacy, and agree on ways to support their independence and decision-making.

If your student is under 18, you must provide written consent for them to receive medical treatment. The best time to do this is before there's an illness or injury. Visit our online forms library to download a copy of the Consent to Treat Minor Patients.