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GLBTQ Student

UHS understands that those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning may have concerns about confidentiality, sensitivity and inclusive health care.

We recognize and respect the diversity of our campus and are committed to providing services responsive to the needs of students, staff and faculty of all sexes, genders and sexual orientations.

Seeking medical consultation or treatment can be challenging, even if you have years of experience managing your health. We offers a safe, supportive environment and a wide variety of services, including:

Coming Out

Coming out is a lifelong journey of deciding to be open and honest about sexual orientation or gender expression and identity. Figuring out who you are and how you identify can take time and may be difficult.

Several campus resources can help you explore your identity and offer support, including the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health and the university's Stonewall Center.

Coming out to your healthcare provider isn't always easy. UHS strives to provide a safe, supportive, confidential environment in which to discuss personal issues and obtain the best possible care.