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This Guide

The Guide to Undergraduate Programs is published annually to provide extensive information on the University’s academic offerings. Liberal use of the index is suggested. Attention is also directed to the Key to Courses section.

This publication is primarily for entering undergraduate students, to whom it is made available without charge. Students already enrolled at the university may purchase copies in the University Store and may consult copies in the library and the various undergraduate advising offices across campus. It is intended to help entering students become familiar with current academic offerings in all areas, so they may make preliminary decisions concerning their own programs of study. Secondly, this Guide is for prospective students, to give them an initial acquaintance with the academic side of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Thirdly, it is for the use of the University’s own faculty and staff, to serve as an informational link between the multitude of instructional parts that make up a great state university.

This Guide provides the most specific and timely information possible, to the extent that information was available nine months before the fall semester.

No attempt is made in this Guide to provide information on specific instructors, times and places of class meetings, etc. This information is issued each semester by the Scheduling Office. This Guide can serve a student or prospective student well in general planning of a program of study in one or more disciplines, but it cannot be the basis for final course selection.

Important. Intentionally omitted from this Guide are many courses in individual departments and programs offered by arrangement when the need arises under the following headings and course numbers: Seminars (191-195, 291-295, 391-395, 491-495, 591-595); Independent Study (196, 296, 396, 496); Special Topics (197, 297, 397, 497, 597); Practicum or Field Experience (298, 398), and Departmental/Senior Honors (498, 499). These special courses should be investigated through the department concerned. Courses with these numbers have been included in this catalog in those instances in which specific information of student interest was provided.

Courses numbered above 599 (graduate level courses) are included only in instances in which the submitting department specifically states that undergraduates may enroll.