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Sport Management Courses

Sport Management | Courses | Faculty

The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

200 Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity (SB) (2nd sem)
202 History of Sport and Physical Activity (both sem)
210 Introduction to Sport Management (both sem)
321 Sport Marketing (both sem)
323 College Athletics (both sem)
335 Introduction to Sport Law (both sem)
375 Public Assembly Facility Management (both sem)
377 Professional Sport Industries
391A Sports Strategic Communication (both sem)
391B Seminar: Sport Broadcasting (both sem)
391C Seminar: Sports Agencies (1st sem)
392A Economics of Sport (both sem)
392C Sport and New Media (1st sem)
394C Sport Tourism (2nd sem)
396 Independent Study
397H Community Relations in Sport Industry (1st sem)
424 Sport Finance and Business (both sem)
431 Amateur Sports and the Law (2nd sem)
480 Sport Management Policy (both sem)
488 Professional Sports and the Law (1st sem)
491-495 Seminars
491H Sport Event Sponsorship (1st sem)
492H Sport Event Management (2nd sem) 6 cr
493A International Sport Management
493B Sport Promotion and Sales
495H Sports Sales Strategy (2nd sem)
497 Special Topics
497A Advanced Sport Sociology: Race and Sport (1st sem)
497B Sports and Violence in America (1st sem)
497H Advanced Issues in Sport Sociology (2nd sem) 4 cr
498 Sport Management Practicum 12 cr
498K Participatory Action Research (both sem) 6 cr
499D Capstone Course: Sports Event Management (2nd sem) 6 cr
499K Honors Internship (both sem) 6 cr

Sport Management | Courses | Faculty