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College of Natural Resources and the Environment

Stockbridge Hall

Contact: Martha G. Baker
Office: 113 Stockbridge Hall
Phone: (413) 545-1969

Dean: Steven Goodwin; Associate Dean for Academic Programs: Martha Baker; Associate Dean for Research and Outreach: Brenda McComb; Stockbridge School Director: William Mitchell.

The Field

The College of Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE) is dedicated to educating students to address the full range of issues that arise from examination of the environment and human interaction with the environment. The curriculums integrate such broad fields as economics, biotechnology, environmental design, and policy analysis. The college is committed to providing students with hands-on experience in both the laboratory and the field. Students are exposed to the scientific method and its application to the decision-making process. The emphasis is on preparing students to contribute to long-term solutions to improving the quality of the natural environment, to be effective scientists and policy makers, and to be thoughtful citizens. Students are encouraged to seek out opportunities to develop skills in both written and oral communication, leadership, and problem solving.

The Majors

The college offers majors in Animal Science, Building Materials and Wood Technology, Environmental Design, Environmental Sciences, Food Science, Forestry, Landscape Architecture, Microbiology, Natural Resource Studies, Plant and Soil Sciences, Pre-Veterinary, Resource Economics, and Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation. The curriculums prepare students to enter into a variety of careers or to pursue advanced degrees in graduate or professional schools. Students may declare one of these majors when entering the University, or may change to a major in NRE after enrollment.

Students unsure of a major within the college can decide to be an NRE undeclared student while exploring options within the college. Interested high school seniors should contact the University Admissions Office, tel. (413) 545-0222 or Martha Baker, College of Natural Resources and the Environment, tel. (413) 545-1969.

The college also houses the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, which offers two-year Associate of Science degrees in Arboriculture and Community Forest Management, Equine Industries, Fruit and Vegetable Crops, Horticulture, Landscape Contracting, and Turfgrass Management.

Career Opportunities

Students receive strong scientific training and graduate with a diverse set of skills that can be utilized for careers in the public, private, and academic areas. Directly upon graduation, students can be successful in the pursuit of careers including: researchers, environmental consultants, food safety specialists, golf course superintendents, park rangers, government regulators, and landscape architects. Graduates also work in business as sales representatives, market researchers, and management trainees. Biotechnology firms, environmental consulting organizations, city, state and federal government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies recruit from the college. Graduates are well prepared for postgraduate work in the sciences, and in businesses, as well as in human and veterinary medicine.

Career and Field Experience Advising

Students are encouraged to explore the world beyond the university through internships, cooperative education, and community service learning. Students are urged to think about opportunities outside the classroom and professionals are available to help students develop a strong career plan, build an effective resume, and make intelligent, well-informed career choices. The Career Services representative is located on the fifth floor of the Goodell Building.

Academic Advising Services

All students in the college are encouraged to meet regularly with an academic adviser. Faculty and staff advisers are available to assist students with questions and concerns such as course selection, departmental requirements, and University requirements. Each department has a chief undergraduate adviser who facilitates advising to students concerning major curriculum issues.

General academic advising, and information regarding other academic matters (e.g., Add/Drop procedures, repeat options, withdrawals, academic discipline, referral information about other services on campus) are handled through Academic Programs in 113 Stockbridge Hall.

Education Abroad/Domestic Exchange

Students are encouraged to consider spending a semester abroad or engaging in the National Student Exchange Program. These experiences offer a valuable opportunity to expand a student’s academic experience. The University and College have agreements with institutions all over the world. For further information regarding study abroad programs, contact the International Programs Office, tel. (413) 545-2710. For information on programs in the U.S., contact the Domestic Exchange Programs Office, tel. (413) 545-5351.


The College of Natural Resources and the Environment has a variety of scholarships available for qualified students. Applications can be picked up in 113 Stockbridge Hall. Individual departments also have scholarships available.