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Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences Courses

Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences | Courses | Faculty

The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

Plant, Soil and Insect Sciences (PLSOILIN)

(Also see Horticulture, Fruit and Vegetable Crops, and Turfgrass Management courses listed under Stockbridge School heading.)

102 Introductory Botany (1st sem) 4 cr
105 Soils (BSL) (2nd sem) 4 cr
106 Soils (BS) (2nd sem)
107 Turfgrass Insects (2nd sem) 2 cr
109 Insects of Ornamentals (1st sem)
115 Plants, Soils, and the Environment (SI) (2nd sem)
120 Organic Farming and Gardening (BSL) (both sem) 4 cr
126 Insects and Human Society (BS) (both sem) 4 cr
140 Plagues: The Ecology of Disease (BS) (2nd sem)
182 Principles of Pesticide Management(2nd sem) 2 cr
185 Sustainable Living (I) (2nd sem)
190E Evolution Explained (BS) (1st sem)
200 Plant Propagation (1st sem)
230 Introductory Turfgrass Management (1st sem) 4 cr
232 Turf Machinery (2nd sem, 7wks) 1 cr
234 Irrigation and Drainage (2nd sem) 2 cr
235 Pruning Fruit Crops (2nd sem) 2 cr
240 Applied Calculations in Turfgrass Management (2nd sem) 2 cr
255 Herbaceous Plants (2nd sem)
265 Sustainable Agriculture (1st sem)
271 Using Insects in the Classroom (BSL)(1st sem)
275 Turfgrass Physiology (2nd sem)
280 Herbs, Spices, and Medicinal Plants (BS) (2nd sem)
297C Traditional Herbal Medicine Systems I (1st sem) 1 cr
297D Traditional Herbal Medicine Systems II (2nd sem) 1 cr
297J Clinical Herbalism I (1st sem) 1 cr
297K Clinical Herbalism II (2nd sem) 1 cr
298G Gardenshare Practicum (both sem) 1 cr
300 Deciduous Orchard Science (1st sem odd yrs)
305 Small Fruit Production (1st sem even yrs)
310 Principles of Weed Management (1st sem)
315 Greenhouse Management (1st sem) 4 cr
321 Greenhouse Crop Production I (1st sem)
325 Vegetable Crop Production (2nd sem) 4 cr
326 Insect Biology (1st sem)
335 Greenhouse Crop Production II (2nd sem) 4 cr
340 Advanced Turfgrass Management (2nd sem)
342 Pesticides, Public Policy and the Environment (1st sem)
350 Soil and Crop Management (1st sem)
360 Nursery Management (2nd sem alt yrs) 4 cr
370 Tropical Agriculture (2nd sem)
375 Soil and Water Conservation (1st sem even yrs)
380 Technical Writing (both sem)
382 Writing for Sustainability (2nd sem)
391A Dialogue of Agricultural Issues (both sem) 1 cr
397A Ethnobotany (1st sem) 1 cr
397C Community Food Systems (1st sem)
397F Pest Management for Greenhouse Crops (2nd sem, 7wks) 2 cr
397K Insect Ecology and Management (2nd sem)
397M Applied Marketing for Green Industry (1st sem)
397P Introductory Plant Physiology (2nd sem)
397T Molecular Systematics Lab (2nd sem even yrs)
496 Independent Study (both sem) 1-6 cr

Plant and Soil Sciences (PLNTSOIL)

505 General Plant Pathology (1st sem) 4 cr
510 Management and Ecology of Plant Diseases (2nd sem alt yrs)
515 Microbiology of Soil (2nd sem)
525 Mycology (1st sem odd yrs) 4 cr
530 Plant Nutrition (1st sem) 4 cr
535 Diagnostic Plant Pathology (2nd sem odd yrs) 4 cr
540 Plant Breeding (2nd sem)
545 Postharvest Physiology (2nd sem even yrs) 4 cr
550 Plant Growth Regulators in Agriculture (2nd sem)
555 Urban Environment and Plant Growth (1st sem)
560 Advanced Weed Science (2nd sem odd yrs)
565 Soil Formation, Classification, and Land Use (2nd sem) 4 cr
575 Environmental Soil Chemistry (1st sem) 4 cr
590A Plant Stress Physiology (1st sem)
597A Phyto/Bioremediation (1st sem even yrs)
597L Wetland Delineation: Federal Procedure (1st sem odd yrs)
597M Topics in Turf Pathology (2nd sem) 2 cr
597O Organic Contaminants in Soils, Waters, and Sediments (1st sem even yrs)
597V Integrated Turf Management (2nd sem)
597W Artificial Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment (1st sem even yrs)
597X Inorganic Contaminants in Soil, Water, and Sediment (2nd sem)

Entomology (ENTOMOL)

511 Insect Behavior (1st sem odd yrs)
523 Biological Control (2nd sem even yrs)
572 Insects and Diseases of Forests and Shade Trees (2nd sem odd yrs)
574 Medical Entomology (2nd sem even yrs)
597A Insect-Plant Interactions (1st sem even yrs)


Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences | Courses | Faculty