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Domestic Student Exchange Programs

Contact: Sheila Brennan, Coordinator
Office: 614 Goodell
Phone: (413) 545-5351

National Student Exchange Program

The National Student Exchange (NSE) Program offers University students an opportunity to explore a different geographical and cultural environment, broadening their academic experience. Students can apply as early as their freshman year to participate in an exchange during their sophomore, junior, or senior year. These exchanges create extensive opportunities for personal and academic growth and give the satisfaction of achievement available from the combined resources of more than 180 state universities and colleges throughout the United States. NSE-participating schools are diverse institutions offering insightful experiences. Students are able to gain access to a variety of courses, one-of-a-kind programs, field studies and internships, and explore graduate programs, professional schools, and career options.

Students may attend an exchange school for one semester or an academic year. All credits are transferable as University of Massachusetts Amherst residency credits. The National Student Exchange Program is staffed in part by former and current exchange students who will answer questions about academic programs and geographic location. Weekly information sessions are given throughout the fall semester and during February. Any full-time University of Massachusetts student with a 2.5 minimum cumulative average may apply. The application deadline is always during the first week in March for exchanges the following academic year. The National Student Exchange Program is located in the Domestic Exchange Office associated with Undergraduate Advising. Office hours are posted. You may access the NSE Program page online at:

University of Massachusetts Student Exchange (UMSE)

The University of Massachusetts Student Exchange allows undergraduate students to attend the Universities of Massachusetts Boston, Dartmouth or Lowell for one or two semesters. Students must be in good academic, fiscal, and disciplinary standing to be eligible. Participants must enroll full time in fall and/or spring semester(s). January and summer intersession exchanges are not available. Students pay University of Massachusetts Amherst tuition and fees and retain any financial aid while on exchange.

Only students who apply for the program through the UMass Amherst Domestic Exchange Program by the posted deadlines may participate. Information and applications are available in the Domestic Exchange Office, 614 Goodell.