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Five College Center for the Study of World Languages

Contact: Professor Elizabeth Mazzocco,
Director and Dr. Amy Wordelman,
Associate Director
Office: 102 Bartlett Hall
Phone: (413) 545-3453

The Five College Center for the Study of World Languages coordinates the study of the least commonly taught languages for the Five College consortium (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts Amherst). The center also develops materials and curricula for language learning with an emphasis on the least commonly studied languages spoken in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe.

The center coordinates the Five College Mentored Language Program and the Five College Supervised Independent Language Program. The Mentored Language Program combines independent study with small group conversation sessions and individual tutorials. General information and application forms are available online. For current and future mentored course offerings see: Mentored Arabic, Mentored Hindi, Mentored Pashto, Mentored Persian, Mentored Swahili, Mentored Turkish, and Mentored Uzbek.

The Supervised Independent Language Program offers independent study courses in many less commonly studied languages: Amharic (Ethiopia), Bulgarian, Croatian (Serbo-Croatian), Czech, Dari (Afghan Farsi), Modern Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Persian (Iranian Farsi), Romanian, Serbian (Serbo-Croatian), Slovak, Thai, Twi (Ghana), Turkish, Turkmen, Urdu (Pakistan), Vietnamese, Wolof (Senegal), Yoruba (Nigeria), and Zulu. Application forms and procedures are available online.

Each year, the center awards a Charles Mark Scholarship to a University of Massachusetts Amherst student who has studied one of these languages through the center and who will be doing study abroad in the target-language country, and a Charles Mark scholarship to a Five College student who has studied Czech through the center and who will be studying in the Czech Republic.