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Education Abroad

Contact: Staff, International Programs
Office: William S. Clark International Center, 467 Hills South
Phone: (413) 545-2710

The Amherst campus offers a wide variety of international exchange and overseas study programs. The office may be consulted for specific information on these and other overseas study opportunities. Under exceptional circumstances, programs listed below may be suspended due to conditions in the host country.

Education Abroad Credit
Many university departments encourage their majors to study abroad. Often students may fulfill requirements for the major overseas. Credits earned abroad may also be approved for General Education or minor requirements. For further information consult with the specific departments and International Programs. Some programs include internships.

Financial Aid for Education Abroad
Students retain normal eligibility for financial aid when participating in a program of study abroad which is approved for transfer of credit toward their University of Massachusetts degree. In addition, some programs offer financial assistance, including special incentive awards.

Locations Throughout the World
The university offers many opportunities for study in what may be considered “non-traditional” locations. Given that four-fifths of the world’s peoples live in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, or the nations and territories of the South Pacific, students are encouraged to explore options in regions less commonly traveled by U.S. undergraduates. Opportunities exist for study in virtually all regions of the world. For a comprehensive listing of academic program options, both University Exchanges and others, visit the International Programs office, 467 Hills South, or

Academic Exchanges in Britain
Reciprocal exchanges for the full academic year or a semester allow undergraduates in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering, as well as many other professional fields, to study in Great Britain. Participating institutions are the universities of East Anglia, Hull, Kent, Lancaster, Manchester, Stirling, Sussex, Warwick, Oxford Brookes University, Queen Margaret University College (Edinburgh), Royal Holloway College (London), University College (London) and the University of Wales, Swansea. Some locations are available only for the full year. Special single semester/term programs exist at Oxford Brookes University and the University of Stirling (fall or spring) and the University of Wales, Swansea (spring only). The London Internship Program offers six-credit internships in many fields plus coursework.

Asian Exchanges
In China, students can consider a variety of intensive language and culture programs in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and other locations. In Hong Kong, students can study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where a full range of departments offer courses taught in English, as well as language courses. In Taiwan, students can attend Tunghai University in Taichung for intensive language training, as well as National Chengchi University in Taipei.

The university has exchange programs in Japan with Hokkaido University (Sapporo), Nanzan University (Nagoya), International Christian University (Tokyo), Kansai Gaidai University (near Kyoto), Kwansei Gakuin University (Nishinomiya), Sophia University (Tokyo), Tsuda College (Tokyo), and Tsukuba University (Tsukuba). Students may enroll in a wide variety of academic subjects, in addition to Japanese language and literature courses at every level. Advanced students of Japanese may apply to the Japanese Studies Program at Hokkaido University. Students are encouraged to apply for the full year, but some semester options are available.

A reciprocal exchange offers the opportunity for study in the Republic of Korea at Yonsei University and Sejong University in Seoul. Course work in English focuses on Korean language and culture and Asian Studies. Other university classes taught in Korean are also available. Students may attend for a semester or a full academic year.

A reciprocal exchange with the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi allows study in engineering and the sciences for a semester or year. “Alankar: Arts in India” is a three-week January program exploring the creative arts of modern and historical India.

Baden-Württemberg Program
The University of Massachusetts offers an academic year/semester program at the universities of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Students in the program enroll in regular university courses at one of the nine Baden-Württemberg institutions: Freiburg, Heidelberg, Tübingen, Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Konstanz, or Ulm. The program’s office in Freiburg assists students with all academic and personal matters. Courses in all majors (except studio art and instrumental/voice instruction) are available to undergraduate and graduate students. Applicants should have two years of college-level German or equivalent when the program begins, if they plan to enroll in regular university courses taught in German.

Opportunities exist for students with less than two years of German. Interested students should inquire at International Programs. The program also offers work placements with German or international firms.

French Studies in Paris
The Amherst and Boston campuses of the University of Massachusetts, in cooperation with Academic Programs International, sponsor an academic year, semester or summer in France. Students at an advanced level of French proficiency are enrolled at the Université de Paris 7. Courses are available in most fields of university study, including literature, film studies, linguistics, foreign languages and civilizations, geography, history, law, economics, sociology, anthropology, computer science, mathematics, and the natural sciences. A limited number of places are available for study at the Université de Paris-Dauphine, a prestigious French business school. Courses are taught predominantly in French, although some courses in English are also available.

Students at all levels of French proficiency are eligible for the French language and culture track and may enroll in the Cours de civilisation française program at the Sorbonne (CCFS). This program is designed specifically for non-native French speakers and offers students courses in French language and culture tailored to their specific level of language proficiency. Students at an advanced level of French proficiency may also choose to include Business French in their course of study at the CCFS.

A Resident Director supervises the program within Paris, working closely with students and offering them guidance throughout the year. The program also includes excursions from Paris to other sites of historical and cultural interest, such as Mont-Saint-Michel, the Loire Valley, and Chartres and Amiens.

Italian Studies in Siena
The university offers a spring semester program of study in Italian language and culture that enables students to receive up to 15 undergraduate credits in Italian. The curriculum consists of daily intensive Italian language classes at every level at the Università per Stranieri di Siena. Classes on art, literature, culture, etc. are also offered. Students share apartments in Siena that are provided by the program. Some knowledge of Italian is required.

Africa and the Middle East
Reciprocal exchanges in South Africa and Egypt offer undergraduates and graduates the opportunity to enroll directly for up to one full year. Partner institutions include The American University in Cairo, in Egypt, as well as the Universities of Cape Town or Fort Hare in South Africa. In partnership with Mount Holyoke College or Living Routes, students may study in Senegal. Opportunities also exist for students to study in Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Ghana, Tanzania, and Botswana in a variety of partnership programs.

Academic Exchanges in Spain and Latin America
The university offers various opportunities for study in the Spanish-speaking world. Programs in Spain include the fall semester program in Granada for students with little or no previous Spanish language study or who have completed two years of college-level Spanish. Students can satisfy the foreign language requirement and take courses in conversation and culture for a total of 15 credits. The spring semester Oviedo program is designed for students in the early stages of their major or minor. Students can earn up to 15 credits at the Universidad de Oviedo in such courses as Spanish grammar, civilization, literature, and culture. Engineering students may study in English or Spanish at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Students with five or more semesters of Spanish can participate in the exchange with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. They can also do a semester in the Galapagos (taught in English) as part of this exchange in the social sciences or biology/environmental science. Students may also participate in the summer exchange program in Salamanca.

One exchange is offered in Mexico. The Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores do Monterrey (ITESM) offers the opportunity to enroll at one of its 29 campuses in regular courses or in courses for foreign students at selected campuses. All of these exchanges offer the opportunity for students to spend a full year or an academic semester abroad.

Other University of Massachusetts Programs Abroad
Other academic year programs for study abroad include exchanges with the universities of Adelaide, Queensland, and Wollongong, Deakin University and Southern Cross University (Australia), Carleton University, Ottawa (Canada), the universities of Québec province (Canada), Denmark’s International Study Program and the University of Copenhagen, American University in Cairo (Egypt), CIEE at the University of Ghana, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (India), Trinity College, Dublin, the University of Limerick, and University College, Cork (Ireland), the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland), the University of Leiden and the Haarlem Business School (The Netherlands), University of Linköping and Uppsala University (Sweden), and the Interpreter’s School of Zürich (Switzerland). Additional offerings include the Sydney Internship Program in Australia and Living Routes programs in India, Senegal, and Scotland.

Information and counseling on non-University of Massachusetts programs is available from International Programs.

Short-term and Summer Programs
Short-term programs (two to four weeks) are offered during January. These include Arts in India, Sustainable Development in Senegal, Permaculture in Brazil, and Social Change in Mexico. Students may also choose one of the Spring Break programs, such as Photojournalism in Sicily, which are offered through specific departments. These opportunities are generally offered as part of a semester course, with the study abroad component taken during the vacation period. Information about summer and other short-term programs is available from International Programs. Summer overseas study programs are conducted in Oxford (England), Hokkaido (Japan) in alternate summers, Mexico, Salamanca (Spain), and Tunghai (Taiwan). Special summer programs are offered in art in France and Italy (in alternate summers), and in HTM in Switzerland. Participants can earn 3-6 credits.