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Career Services

511 Goodell Building, 545-2224

Even before they graduate, students need to make a number of life decisions. They are encouraged not to wait until their final year, but to begin exploring the world beyond the University early, with the aid of qualified Career Services staff. To help them make intelligent, well-informed career choices, the University offers career planning assistance, opportunities to obtain practical, preprofessional experience through co-ops and internships, resumé referral, and on-campus recruiting.

Each year, Career Services sponsors five career fairs, bringing more than 200 employers to campus. Additionally more than 150 graduate schools visit for Graduate and Professional Schools Information Day. Undergraduates choose from 3,000 co-op and internship opportunities, while graduating seniors have more than 6,000 full-time employment opportunities to explore.

Career Planning: Various career planning services are available to help students make good career choices from their first year until after graduation. A computer-assisted guidance system, individual career counseling, and workshops introduce students to career planning. An annual graduate school fair, numerous career fairs, and alumni career panels are a few of the ways that help them explore occupations and graduate education.

Field Experience: The Career Services internship and cooperative education program encourages students to explore academic and personal interests, acquire new skills, make professional contacts, and learn more about the world at large during the summer or academic semester. Opportunities exist in Massachusetts, other New England states, and many other locations throughout the U.S. Many offer attractive salaries which can offset some of the cost of attending the University.

Employment Referral and Other Services: Many students as they approach the senior year have questions pertaining to full-time employment.

Pre-employment services include the opportunity to interview with employers on campus, a computer-assisted resumé referral program, and career fairs, all putting students in touch with employers throughout the state, across the country, and even around the world. Students register for campus recruiting and apply for interviews and job vacancies directly on the Career Services website:

Career Services offices are open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. For further information, contact the receptionist at 511 Goodell Building, tel. (413) 545-2224.

Cooperative Education and Internships

The Field Experience program is the source for internships and cooperative education at the University. Each offers students opportunities to work as “apprentices” with professionals from any field and experience the work world first hand before graduation. Students learn new skills, test their academic theories, and explore professional goals while making valuable contributions in the workplace and to society.

Cooperative Education is a unique partnership between education and industry, that enables students to combine semesters of classroom study with periods of off-campus employment and training while earning a salary. Career Services staff place qualified students in paid, four- to six-month positions in business and government which complement and enhance their university studies. Internships provide an opportunity for students to work and learn from professionals in education, government, service agencies, the non-profit sector, and selected other industries while earning academic credit.

These programs emphasize the educational, personal and financial benefits of preprofes-sional work experience. Also, every aspect of each program, from application through placement, simulates the employment process and helps students become informed job seekers and job holders well before they graduate.

Admission is open to students in good standing from all majors.

The program’s inclusion as part of Career Services affords student access to hundreds of employer representatives who visit campus each year and consider practical experience an important prerequisite for permanent employment.

Opportunities for field experience are found in industries such as manufacturing, banking, insurance, high technology, education, health care, tourism, communications, agriculture, and entertainment, in federal and state agencies, and private nonprofit organizations. They exist throughout Massachusetts and the northeast, and in many other locations across the U.S. In sum, field experience offers a chance to clarify personal and academic goals, test career objectives, travel, earn money for school, develop maturity and self-confidence, and acquire a better understanding of employment prospects in chosen fields.

Field Experience Advising is available Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. For further information, contact the Field Experience Office, tel. (413) 545-6265.