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Natural Resources Conservation Courses

Natural Resources Conservation | Courses | Faculty

The Courses

Some courses are required by several of the programs in the department. These are scheduled under a general departmental rubric (NRC).

100 Environment and Society (I) (1st sem)
211 Animal Sampling and Identification (1st sem) 1 cr
212 Forest Botany (1st sem) 2 cr
297S Introduction to Spatial Information Technologies (2nd sem)
382 Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management (1st sem) 4 cr
409 Natural Resources Policy and Administration (2nd sem)
549 Ecosystem Management (2nd sem)
592G Information to GIS (1st sem)
597C Case Studies in Land Conservation (2nd sem)
597G GIS Lab (1st sem) 1 cr
597T Advanced Human Dimensions of NRC (1st sem) 2 cr


Building and Construction Technology Courses

191A The Built Environment (1st sem)
204 Construction Materials and Methods (2nd sem)
211 Energy Efficient Housing (1st sem)
220 Introduction to CAD in Construction and Architecture (1st sem)
304 Properties of Wood (2nd sem)
313 Light-Frame Structure Technology (1st sem)
314 Architectural Blueprint Reading (2nd sem) 2 cr
352 Building Materials and Forest Products Marketing (1st sem)
353 The Business of Building (2nd sem)
420 Advanced Topics in CAD (2nd sem)
492 Building Materials Seminar (2nd sem) 1 cr
530 Mechanics of Building Materials for Construction (1st sem)
540 Design of Wood Structures (2nd sem)
597E Building Energy and Environmental Systems
597P Project Management for Design and Construction
597Q Building Energy Performance
597S Build Your Green Business Plan 1 cr


Environmental Sciences Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

101 Introductory Environmental Biology (BS) (1st sem)
112 Fundamentals of the Environment (1st sem)
191A Introductory Seminar I (1st sem) 1 cr
194A Introductory Seminar II (2nd sem) 1 cr
213 Introduction to Environmental Policy (1st sem)
214 Principles of Environmental Biology (2nd sem)
315 Principles of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (2nd sem)
342 Pesticides, the Environment, and Public Policy (1st sem)
398 Practicum (both sem) 1-15 cr
445 Environmental Problem Solving in the Community
452 Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (1st sem)
465 Principles of Environmental Site Assessment (2nd sem)
492 Senior Seminar (1st sem) 1 cr
498 Practicum (both sem) 1-15 cr
499T Honors Thesis (both sem)
499Y Honors Research (both sem)
504 Air Pollution and Climate Change Biology (1st sem)
515 Microbiology of Soil (2nd sem)
530 Aquatic Toxicology (1st sem) 4 cr
535 Methods in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (1st sem)
555 Environmental Toxicology in Context (1st sem even yrs)
575 Environmental Soil Chemistry (1st sem) 4 cr
585 Animal and Environmental Toxicology (1st sem odd yrs)
590C Biosafety Principles and Practices 2 cr

Natural Resource Studies

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

205 Introduction to Outdoor Recreation (1st sem even yrs)
391A Curriculum Planning (1st sem)


Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

120 Basic Scuba 2 cr
121 Advanced Scuba­—Warm Water 2 cr
122 Advanced Scuba­—Cold Water 2 cr
260 Fisheries Conservation and Management (1st sem)
261 Wildlife Conservation (2nd sem)
470 Fish Ecology (2nd sem even yrs) 4 cr
564 Wildlife Habitat Management (1st sem) 4 cr
565 Dynamics and Management of Wildlife Populations (1st sem) 4 cr
571 Fisheries Science and Management (1st sem even yrs) 4 cr
577 Ecosystem Modeling and Simulation (2nd sem)
587 Digital Remote Sensing (2nd sem)
597E Endangered Species Management (2nd sem) 2 cr
597R Watershed Science and Management (2nd sem)
597W Wetlands Assessment and Field Techniques (2nd sem odd yrs) 2 cr

Natural Resources Conservation | Courses | Faculty