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Legal Studies Courses

Legal Studies | Courses | Faculty

The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

250 Introductory Legal Studies (SBU) (both sem)
252 Law and Personal Freedom
297 Special Topics
Youth Violence and Justice
Evidence, Witnessing, Testifying and Reporting
298 Practicum (both sem) 1-15 cr
333 Law and Culture in America
350 Modern Political Trials
367 Law, Politics and Social Change in the 20th Century
375 Human Rights and Wrongs
391 Seminar
Cultural Theft and Intellectual Property
Law and the Family
Due Process in the Criminal Trial
Victims and Offenders in the Legal Process
Law and Social Activism
Women and the Law
397 Special Topics
Citizenship and Race
Law, Society and Islam
Legal Fictions: Makin’ and Fakin’ It
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Law, Crime and Society
Law and Public Policy
Civil Liberties in Wartime
Theories of Law and Society
Torture, Terrorism and the Law
450 Legal Research and Writing (both sem)
460 Legalization of the American Indian
465 Globalization
470 Indigenous Peoples—Global Issues
480 War Crimes Tribunals
485 Death Penalty in America
491 Seminar
Law and Literature
Law and Conscience
No Place to Hide: Law and Politics of Info/Data
Law and the World Wide Web
Conflict in Cyberspace: Online Dispute Resolution
Borders, Immigrants and Refugees
Muslim Women and the Law
Race, Gender and the Law
496 Independent Study (both sem) 1-6 cr
497 Special Topics
Who Owns Equality: Civil Rights Law in the United States
Racial Conflict, Mediation and Social Justice
Environmental and Public Policy Dispute Resolution
Social Justice Denied: Workers’ Rights in United States Law
Lawyers, Advocacy and Civil Rights
Environmental Justice
The Irish Peace Process
Human Trafficking
Intimate Justice
Immigration Debates and Public Policy
Segregation, Housing Policy and Civil Rights Law in the U.S.
Prison and Society
Workers’ Rights Law in the U.S.

Legal Studies | Courses | Faculty