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Judaic and Near Eastern Studies Courses

Judaic and Near Eastern Studies | Courses | Faculty

Judaic Studies Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

101 The Jewish People I (AT) (both sem)
102 The Jewish People II (HSG) (both sem)
101/H01; 102/H02 Honors Colloquia for The Jewish People I/II (both sem) 1 cr
191, 192, 193 Seminars (both sem) 1 cr
195A Anti-Semitism and Racism in Western Civilization
301 The Bible and Archaeology
305 Judaism and Christianity in the Ancient World (HS)
319 Representing the Holocaust (ALG)
323 Jewish Utopia/Dystopia
325 Jews, Christians and Islam in the Middle Ages (HSG)
333 Jewish Philosophers of the 20th Century
335 The Jewish Experience in Europe
344 Film and Society in Israel
345 The Making of Modern Jewry (HSG)
350 Jewish Law and Society (SBG)
353 Sephardic Cultures and Literatures of the Spanish Diaspora
354 Jewish Theatre and Film
360 Biblical Tales and Legends
363 Negotiating Religion and State
365 Antisemitism in Historical Perspective (HSG)
366 Modern Israel: History, Society, Culture
367 Israel in the 20th Century: Society and Literature
373 Jewish Travelers and Travel Liars: Exploration and Imagination, Ancient to Modern Times
374 Culture and Immigration in Israel
375 The Jewish Experience in America (HSU)
376 Post-Holocaust Thought
383 Women, Gender, Judaism
385 The Jews of Eastern Europe (HSG)
(HISTORY) 387 History of the Holocaust
390B World Jewry Since 1945
390C Jewish Mysticism
390E New Views on the Jews: Ethnic and Racial Identity and Interaction in American Jewish History
390G Women in Patriarchy (HSG)
390I Popular Culture in Israel and Palestine
390K Jews in the Age of the Atlantic Slave Trade
391B Jewish-American Literature
391C The Proverb
391F Jewish Women Writers
392B Blacks and Jews: A Comparative Study of Oppression
392F Secularization in Modern Israel
392K World Jewish Cultures: Diaspora and Peoplehood
392L Jews of Muslim Lands: Responses to Modernity
392O Jewish Theatre and Film
393B Comic Art in North America
393C Introduction to the Graphic Novel
393J American Jewish History
394A Major Issues in Contemporary Jewish Life and Culture
395A Family and Sexuality in Judaism
397J Observing Jewish Cultures
397R Jewish Folklore
398R Residential Area Programmers
398W Junior Year Writing Requirement
497 Special Topics: The Writings of Elie Wiesel


Twelve credits of Hebrew (HEBREW 110-120-230-240, or 126-246, or 111-121-231-312) fulfill the College of Humanities and Fine Arts language requirement. Judaic Studies majors must take 18 credits of Hebrew to fulfill major requirements (see above). No more than six degree credits may be earned in courses at the Intermediate level (HEBREW 230/240 and 246).
Note on Elementary and Intermediate Hebrew: No more than six credits may be earned for any combination of courses at the Elementary level (HEBREW 110, 120, 126). No more than six credits may be earned in courses at the Intermediate level (HEBREW 230/240 and 246).

110 Elementary Modern Hebrew I
111 Elementary Biblical Hebrew I
120 Elementary Modern Hebrew II
121 Elementary Biblical Hebrew II
126 Intensive Hebrew I 6 cr
230 Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
231 Readings in Hebrew Bible
240 Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
241 Readings in Classical Hebrew Text
246 Intensive Hebrew II 6 cr
290B Hebrew through the Media II
298 Practicum 1-12 cr
301 Advanced Modern Hebrew I
302 Advanced Modern Hebrew II
351 Readings in Modern Hebrew I
352 Readings in Modern Hebrew II
361 Modern Hebrew Literature I
362 Modern Hebrew Literature II
398 Practicum 1-12 cr


101 Elementary Yiddish I
102 Elementary Yiddish II
197A Introduction to Yiddish Language and Culture
397A Readings in Yiddish Literature and Culture

Middle Eastern Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

(HISTORY) 130 Middle Eastern History I
(HISTORY) 131 Middle Eastern History II
390A The Arab World Today: Culture and Change
491N Explaining Terror in the Middle East


126 Elementary Arabic I 4 cr
146 Elementary Arabic II 4 cr
226 Intermediate Arabic I 4 cr
246 Intermediate Arabic II 4 cr
326 Advanced Arabic I
346 Advanced Arabic II
391 Modern Arabic Literature in Translation
Note: Internships may take the place of upper-level courses at the rate of 1-3 cr for the minor and 1-6 cr for the major.

Judaic and Near Eastern Studies | Courses | Faculty