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Journalism Courses

Journalism | Courses | Faculty

The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

197A Journalism Success (both sem) 1cr
201 Introduction to Journalism (both sem)
225 Readings in Journalism (both sem)
295 Advanced Projects in Existential Journalism (2nd sem)
298, 398 Practicum: Journalism Internship (both sem) 1-9 cr
300 Newswriting and Reporting (both sem) 4 cr
301 Intermediate Reporting (both sem) 4 cr
310 The Press and the Third World (both sem)
312 Journalism and Law (2nd sem)
320 History of American Journalism (HS) (1st sem)
345 Media Criticism (both sem)
360 Journalism Ethics (both sem)
375 News Editing (1st sem) 4 cr
391 Seminars
Journalism as Conversation (2nd sem)
Travel Writing and Photojournalism (2nd sem)
Newspaper Feature Writing (2nd sem) 4 cr
392 Seminars
Writing for the Web (both sem) 4 cr
393 Seminars
Radio Reporting and Podcasting (2nd sem) 4 cr
Sports Journalism (1st sem) 4 cr
Philosophy of Journalism (2nd sem)
Journalists in the Movies (both sem)
394 Seminars
Community Journalism Project (2nd sem) 4 cr
Web Design for Journalists (2nd sem)
395 Seminars
Broadcast News Reporting (both sem) 4 cr
Politics, Journalism and the Web (2nd sem)
396 Independent Study (both sem)
397 Special Topics
Entrepreneurial Journalism (1st sem)
Multimedia Reporting (both sem) 4 cr
Introduction to Photojournalism (both sem)
Business of Radio Broadcasting (2nd sem)
Documentary Tradition in Literature and Film (both sem)
450 Freedom of the Press (2nd sem)
491 Seminars
Writing about Pop Culture (both sem) 4 cr
Performing Arts Reporting (2nd sem) 4 cr
492 Seminars
Magazine Writing (both sem) 4 cr
493 Literary Journalism in the 20th Century (1st sem)
497 Special Topics
Diaries, Memoirs and Journals (both sem) 4 cr
Covering Race (2nd sem) 4 cr
The Politician and the Journalist (both sem)
Art of the Profile (2nd sem)
Journalism, Gender and Cultural
Context (2nd sem)
Journalism Launchpad (2nd sem) 1 cr
Advanced Multimedia Photo Journalism (2nd sem)

Journalim | Courses | Faculty