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History Courses

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The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

100 Western Thought to 1600 (HS) (both sem)
101 Western Thought Since 1600 (HS) (both sem)
110 Problems in World Civilization I (HSG)
111 Problems in World Civilization II (HSG)
112 Introduction to World Religions (IG)
114 History of Chinese Civilization: Ancient Origins to the End of the Mongol Era (HSG)
115 History of Chinese Civilization: Early Modern to the Present (HSG)
116 History of East Asian Civilization: Japan (HSG)
120 Latin American Civilization: The Colonial Period (HSG)
121 Latin American Civilization: The National Period (HSG) (both sem)
130 Middle Eastern History I (HSG) (1st sem)
131 Middle Eastern History II (HSG) (2nd sem)
140 European History 1500-1815 (HS)
141 European History, 1815 to Present (HS) (both sem)
150 Development of American Civilization to 1876 (HS) (both sem)
151 Development of American Civilization Since 1876 (HS) (both sem)
154 Social Change and the 1960s (HSU) (alt yrs)
160 History of Africa to 1500 (HSG)
161 History of Africa Since 1500 (HSG)
170 Indian Peoples of North America (HSU)
180 Western Science and Technology I: From the Greeks to the Scientific Revolution (HS) (1st sem)
181 Western Science and Technology II: From the Enlightenment to the Cold War (HS) (2nd sem)
200 New Approaches to the Study of History (HS)
253 U.S. Empire—Asian Pacific American History (HSU)
254 Black Freedom Struggle (HSU)
269 The American War in Vietnam (HS)
298Y Internships
300 Ancient Greece
301 The Roman Republic
302 Early Middle Ages
303 Later Middle Ages
304 Late Middle Ages/Early Renaissance, 1300-1494
305 Renaissance and Reformation, Europe
307 The Enlightenment
310 European Political Diplomacy, 1870-1914
311 European Political Diplomacy, 1914-1945
315 History of Russia I: The Tsarist Era
316 History of Russia II: The Soviet Era
317 Russian Revolution
323 Modern Germany
325 Military History of Modern Europe: the First World War
330 English History to 1688
332 Topics in British History: Crime and Punishment
337 Victorian England
343 Europe and the Middle East
345 History of China: Song to the End of the 19th Century
346 History of Modern China: The 20th Century
349 Sex and Society in Modern Europe
354 History of Mexico
355 The Caribbean
356H History of Venezuela and Colombia
359 History of Brazil
360 American Colonial History to 1763
361 American Revolutionary Era
362 The Early Republic
363 The Civil War Era
368 U.S. Between the Wars
369 The U.S Since Pearl Harbor
370 U.S. Since Nixon Years
372 American Thought and Culture I (HS)
373 American Thought and Culture II (HS)
374 U.S. Constitutional History I
375 U.S. Constitutional History II
379 American Westward Expansion (HSU)
381 The U.S. and the Cold War, 1917-1990
382 The City in Modern U.S. History (HSU)
383 American Environmental History (HS)
387 History of the Holocaust
388 U.S. Women’s History to 1890 (HSU)
389 U.S. Women’s History since 1890 (HSU)
397 Special Topics
Roman Empire
Islamic Revolutionary Movements
Industrialization and Social Change in Southern Africa
Women in Contemporary African History
National Liberation Struggles
U.S. Political History
The Scientific Revolution 1500-1700
Comparative Law
Intercollegiate Sports in America
Comparing Scientific Traditions: China, Islam and Elsewhere
Mongol and Turkish Empires
Age of the Crusades
Oil, Human Rights and Democracy in Eurasia
Empire-Building in Eurasia
Colonial Rule in Africa
History of Childhood in America
The Roman Empire
Women in Native American History
History of Youth in America 1865-Present
History of Reproductive Rights in America
400 U.S. Labor History
402 U.S. and East Asia Relations
425 History of Christianity
426 The Irish Experience
432 U.S. Science and Technology I
433 U.S. Science and Technology II: From Edison to the Bomb
493 Intellectual Origins of Colonialism
493A Colonial Africa
493H Development of Modern Warfare
591-595 Proseminar in History

History | Courses | Faculty