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German and Scandinavian Studies Courses

German and Scandinavian Studies | Courses | Faculty

The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted. Students seeking to study German or Swedish and who have completed three years of a sequence in this language in Grades 9 through 12 will usually be placed in GERMAN 230. Students who meet the above criterion may not normally take GERMAN 110 or 120 for credit, and must arrange to meet with the undergraduate adviser if they wish to do so. Students who believe their abilities warrant credit at a higher level – placement in 240 or above– must speak with the Undergraduate Adviser.)


110, 120 Elementary German
126H Intensive Elementary German 6 cr
230, 240 Intermediate German (both sem)
246H Intensive Intermediate German 6 cr
270 From Grimm to Disney: The German Folktale (AL)
285 Seminar: Language Suite Conversation (both sem) 2 cr with additional 1-cr Honors option
304 German Film: From Berlin to Hollywood (AT)
310, 320 Advanced German I, II
311 Reading German Culture
341 Early German Culture (HS)
350 Crusades and the Image of Islam
363 Witches: Myth and Reality (I,G)
370 19th Century German Thought (I)
372 Vienna 1890-1914 (AL)
374 Crisis of World War I
375 The Third Reich
376 The Holocaust (HS)
377 Politics and Culture
379 Contemporary Germany (I)
380 Weimar Republic Society and Culture
391G German Studies Junior Seminar
391K Kafka
413 German Romanticism: Dreams, Desires, Delusions
421 19th Century Literature
425 German Stylistics: Composition, Translation, Conversation
432 Brecht and Modern Drama
491 Capstone Project
585 Structure of German Language
591G German Film in Teaching and Research 1 cr
592C The German Poem–Lied
594A Orientalism in the 19th Century
597A Cinema of East Germany
597B 1968 and Film
597C Film and Fascism
597J Jews and Germans


197A Hans Christian Andersen
276 Vikings and their Stories: Saga Literature
365 Scandinavian Mythology
391 Voices from the Top of the World: Scandinavian Literature
391G Junior Seminar: Junior Year Writing requirement
391P Ultima Thule: Polar Explorations
397V Viking Revival and Creation of a Nordic Ideal
491 Capstone Project


110, 120 Elementary Finnish I, II
297A,B Intermediate Finnish I, II


110, 120 Elementary Swedish I, II
230, 240 Intermediate Swedish I, II
310, 320 Advanced Swedish I, II

German and Scandinavian Studies | Courses | Faculty