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Officers of Administration

President’s Office

Jack M. Wilson, President, A.B., Thiel College, 1967; M.A., Kent State, 1970; Ph.D., 1972.

James R. Julian, Jr., Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, B.S., Suffolk, 1984; J.D., New England School of Law, 1989.

Marcellette G. Williams, Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and International Relations, B.A., Michigan State, 1968; M.A., 1970; Ph.D., 1981.

Katherine V. Smith, Vice President for University Advancement and Chief Operating Officer, University of Massachusetts Foundation, B.A., Cleveland State, 1986; M.F.A. Rhode Island School of Design, 1988.

Thomas J. Chmura, Vice President for Economic Development, B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1971; M.S., 1972.

Robert P. Connolly, Vice President for Strategic Communication and University Spokesperson, B.A., Massachusetts at Boston, 1978; M.P.A., Harvard, 1986; M.A., Boston College, 2004.

Deirdre Heatwole, Interim General Counsel, B.A., Boston University, 1971; M.A., 1978; New York Law School, 1981.

Stephen W. Lenhardt, Vice President for Management and Fiscal Affairs, Treasurer and Deputy Chief Operating Officer, B.A., Pennsylvania State, 1963; M.S.W., Pittsburgh, 1965; M.P.A., 1971.

David J. Gray, Vice President for Information Services, Chief Information Officer and Chief Executive Officer of UMass Online, B.A., Pennsylvania State, 1977; M.P.A., 1979.

Mark Schlesinger, Interim Chief Executive Officer, UMass Online, B.A., Columbia, 1967; M.A., Colgate, 1969; Ph.D., Michigan, 1979.

Amherst Campus

Office of the Chancellor

Robert C. Holub, Chancellor, B.A., Pennsylvania, 1971; M.A., Wisconsin at Madison, 1973; Ph.D., 1979.

John F. Dubach, Chief Information Officer and Special Assistant to the Chancellor, B.S., Santa Clara, 1971; Ph.D., Stanford, 1975.

Richard H. Conner, Executive Director of Public Affairs, B.A., 1981, Massachusetts at Amherst; M.Ed., 1995.

Brian W. Burke, Associate Counsel, B.S., Michigan State, 1978; M.S., 1982; M.B.A., 1990; J.D., Suffolk University Law School, 1996.

Susan Pearson, Associate Chancellor, A.B., Smith College, 1972.

Office of the Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Charlena M. Seymour, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, B.F.A., Howard, 1965; M.A., 1967; Ph.D., Ohio State, 1971.

Andrew Effrat, Associate Provost for Faculty Recruitment and Retention, B.A., Princeton, 1961; Ph.D., Harvard, 1970.

Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Associate Provost for Faculty Development, B.A., Westfield State, 1972; M.A., Mount Holyoke, 1973; Ed.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1978.

Bryan C. Harvey, Associate Provost for Planning and Assessment, B.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1977; M.P.A., Harvard, 1986; Ed.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1997.

Frank Hugus, Associate Provost for International Programs, B.S., Pennsylvania State, 1963; M.A; 1965; Ph.D., Chicago, 1972.

Pamela Marsh-Williams, Assistant Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Advising and Learning Communities, B.A., Ohio State, 1974; M.A., 1976; Ph.D., Minnesota, 1994.

Richard T. Rogers, Associate Provost for Academic Technology, A.B., California at Berkeley, 1973; Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1982.

Marilyn Blaustein, Director of Institutional Research, B.S., Massachusetts, 1972; M.Ed., 1977; Ph.D., Iowa State, 1986.

Mathew L. Ouellett, Director, Center for Teaching, B.A., Nevada at Reno, 1980; M.A., Goddard, 1985; Ed.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1998.

Nancy Buffone, Executive Director of External Relations and University Events, B.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1995; M.Ed., 2003.

Donna Marino, Director of Academic Personnel, B.S., Westfield State, 1977.

John Lenzi, University Registrar, B.A., Columbia, 1991; M.A., 1994.

Academic Deans and Library Director

Jean E. Swinney, Interim Dean of the School of Nursing B.S.N., New York University, 1964; M.A., 1980; Ph.D., Texas at Austin, 1992.

Joel W. Martin, Dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, B.A., Birmingham-Southern, 1979; M.A., Harvard, 1982; Ph.D., Duke, 1988.

Michael F. Malone, Dean of the College of Engineering, B.S., Pennsylvania State, 1974; Ph.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1979.

Janet M. Rifkin, Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, B.A., Sarah Lawrence, 1969; J.D., New York University School of Law, 1972.

Steven Goodwin, Dean of the College of Natural Resources and the Environment, B.A., Maine, 1976; M.S., Virginia, 1980; Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1986.

Christine B. McCormick, Dean of the School of Education, B.A., Purdue, 1977; M.S., 1979; Ph.D., Wisconsin at Madison, 1981.

Priscilla M. Clarkson, Dean of Commonwealth College, B.A., Birmingham-Southern, 1979, M.A., Harvard, 1982; Ph.D., Duke, 1988.

D. Anthony Butterfield, Dean of the Eugene M. Isenberg School of Management, B.A., Yale, 1961; M.A., Michigan, 1963; Ph.D., 1968.

C. Marjorie Aelion, Dean of the School of Public Health and Health Sciences, B.S., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1980; M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1983; Ph.D., North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1988.

John R. Mullin, Dean of the Graduate School, B.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1967; M.C.P., Rhode Island, 1969; M.S.B.A., Boston, 1972; Ph.D., Waterloo, 1975; Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners, 1999.

James F. Kurose, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, B.A., Wesleyan, 1978; M.S., Columbia, 1980; M.Phil., 1982; Ph.D., 1984.

Gerald (Jay) Schafer, Director of Libraries, M.A., Denver, 1973.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

Joyce Hatch, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, B.A., New Hampshire, 1968; M.A., Columbia, 1969; M.B.A., Massachusetts, 1988.

Juan A. Jarrett, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, B.A., Lafayette College, 1981; M.A., Fordham, 1985.

Ashoke Ganguli, Director of Auxiliary Services, B.S., Jadavpur University, India, 1968; M.S., 1970; M.B.A., Massachusetts, 1976.

Thomas M. Mathers, Bursar, B.B.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1978; M.B.A., 1996.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement

Paul T. Kostecki, Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement, B.S., Massachusetts, 1973; M.S., 1978; Ph.D., Michigan 1981.

Marla S. Michel, Director of Research Liaison and Development, B.S., SUNY at Albany, 1984; M.S., Monmouth College, 1988.

Stephen W. Plouff, Director of Animal Care, B.S., University of New England, 1985.

Bruce F. McCandless, Director of Research Affairs, B.A., Hiram College, 1970; M.P.A., Massachusetts, 1984.

Nicholas DeCristofaro, Director of Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property, B.S., Institute of Technology, 1973; M.S., 1973; Ph.D., 1976.

Carol P. Sprague, Director of Grant and Contract Administration, A.A., Greenfield Community College, 1980.

Bruce G. Wilcox, Director of the University Press, A.B., Harvard, 1969.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Esther M.A. Terry, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life, B.A., Bennett, 1961; M.A., North Carolina, 1962; Ph.D., Massachusetts, 1973.

Byron S. Bullock, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life, B.A., Lincoln, 1977; M.Ed., James Madison, 1989.

Jo-Anne Thomas Vanin, Dean of Students, A.B., Bryn Mawr College, 1969; M.A.T., Harvard, 1971; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, 1982.

Johnny C. Whitehead, Interim Director of Public Safety, B.S., Baltimore, 1992; M.S., Johns Hopkins, 1996.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Development and Alumni Affairs

Michael A. Leto, Vice Chancellor for University Development and Alumni Affairs and Executive Director of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Foundation, B.A., Ball State.

Kenzie Thompson, Executive Director of Advancement, B.A., Carleton University, 1981.

Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for University Relations

Tom Milligan, Executive Vice Chancellor for University Relations, B.A., Southwest Texas State, 1990; M.B.A., New York Institute of Technology, 2006.

Amy C. Glynn, Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director, Strategic Communications and Marketing, B.A., Smith College, 1981; B.A., City University of New York, 1985; M.Ed., Massachusetts at Amherst, 2004.

Edward Blaguszewski, Executive Director of News and Media Relations, B.S., Boston University, 1977.

Office of the Vice Provost for University Outreach

Sharon L. Fross, Vice Provost for University Outreach, B.A., Charleston, 1982; M.P.A., Charleston/South Carolina, 1987; Ph.D., South Carolina, 1998.

Pamela J. Monaco, Director of University Without Walls, B.B.A., George Washington, 1981; M.A., Catholic University of America, 1987; Ph.D., 1995.

Nancy L. Garrabrants, Director of UMass Extension, A.S., SUNY at Cobbleskill, 1973; B.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1977; M.S., 1987.

Martin C. Miller, General Manager and Director of Development, WFCR, B.F.A., SUNY at Buffalo, 1978; M.F.A., 1979.

Five College Cooperation

Lorna M. Peterson, Coordinator, B.A., University of Buffalo, 1961; Ph.D., Yale, 1973.