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Gerald (Jay) Schafer, Director of Libraries, M.A., Denver, 1973.

Leslie Horner Button, Associate Director of Collection Services, M.S., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1988; M.L.I.S., Rhode Island, 1993.

Emily Alling, Librarian II, M.A., Harvard, 2000; M.S.L.S., Simmons, 2003.

Meghan Banach, Librarian I, M.L.I.S., Simmons, 2006.

Marilyn Billings, Librarian IV, M.L.I.S., Rhode Island, 1985.

Paulina Borrego, Librarian I, M.A., Rensselaer Polytechnic, 1999, M.L.I.S., Simmons, 2007.

MJ Canavan, Librarian IV, M.L.I.S., Rhode Island, 1993.

Madeleine Charney, Librarian III, M.L.I.S., Rhode Island, 1991.

Robert Cox, Librarian V, M.S., Pennsylvania State, 1983; M.L.I.S., Michigan, 1990; M.F.A., 1991; M.A., 1995; Ph.D., 2002.

James Craig, Librarian V, M.L.S., Rutgers, 1964; M.Ed., C.A.G.S., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1996.

J. Michael Davis, Librarian V, M.L.S., Rutgers, 1988.

Sharon Domier, Librarian V, M.L.S., Alberta, 1989.

Isabel Espinal, Librarian V, M.L.I.S., California at Berkeley, 1991; M.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 2005.

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Librarian V, M.S.L.I.S., Simmons, 1991; M.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 2000.

Steven Folsom, Librarian II, M.L.I.S., Simmons, 2005.

Joel Fowler, Librarian, M.L.I.S., Simmons, 1994.

Ben Hood, Librarian II, M.L.S., Southern Connecticut State, 1988.

Gary Hough, Librarian IV, M.L.S., 1978; M.A., Texas at Austin, 1985.

Naka Ishii, Librarian III, M.S., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1984; M.L.S., New York at Albany, 1987.

Pamela Juengling, Librarian V, M.L.S., New York at Geneseo, 1978.

James Kelly, Librarian V, M.L.S., New York at Geneseo, 1974; M.A., Rochester, 1977.

Stacy Konkiel, Librarian I, M.L.S., M.S., Indiana, 2008.

Danielle Kovacs, Librarian III, M.A., Simmons, 1998; M.L.S., 1999.

Beth Lang, Librarian III, M.L.I.S., Rhode Island, 1993.

Kathryn Leigh, Librarian IV, M.Ed., American International, 1992; M.L.I.S., Rhode Island, 1995.

Rachel Lewellen, Librarian III, M.A., Boston College, 1995; M.I.L.S., Michigan, 1996.

David MacCourt, Librarian II, M.S.L.S., Simmons, 2003.

Linda Matson, Librarian IV, M.L.I.S., Oklahoma at Norman, 1994.

Stephen McGinty, Librarian III, M.L.S., Simmons, 1983; Ph.D., Boston College, 1998.

Melinda McIntosh, Librarian V, M.L.S., Rutgers, 1973.

Julie Miles, Librarian IV, M.A.L.S., Wisconsin, 1967.

Anne L. Moore, Librarian IV, M.A., Guelph, 1993; M.L.I.S., Western Ontario, 1994.

Barbara Morgan, Librarian V, M.L.S., North Carolina at Greensboro, 1979; J.D., Connecticut, 1995.

Cecilia Mullen, Librarian IV, M.L.S., Washington.

Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, Librarian I, M.A., Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 1998; M.L.I.S., Simmons, 2006.

Maxine Schmidt, Librarian I, M.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1991; M.L.I.S., Simmons, 2005.

Stephanie Schmitt, Librarian III, M.S., North Texas, 1994.

Peter Shea, Librarian IV, M.L.S., Southern Connecticut State, 1981.

Brian Shelburne, Librarian II, M.A., Bryn Mawr, 1995; M.L.I.S., South Carolina, 2006.

Kelcy Shepherd, Librarian, M.S.L.I.S., Simmons, 1998.

Emily Silverman, Librarian IV, M.L.I.S., Rhode Island, 1993.

Cynthia Spell, Librarian V, M.S.L.S., Drexel, 1979.

Scott Stangroom, Librarian III, M.S.L.I.S., Simmons, 1995.

Peter Stern, Librarian IV, M.A., California at Berkeley, 1976; Ph.D., 1985; M.L.I.S., 1986.

Barbara Stewart, Librarian V, M.L.S., Pittsburgh, 1980.

Sarah Thomson, Librarian V, A.M.L.S., Michigan, 1970; M.A., Goddard, 1991.

Christine Turner, Librarian IV, M.L.I.S., Simmons, 1992; M.S., Lesley College, 1996.