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Finance and Operations Management

Finance and Operations Management | Courses | Faculty

326 SOM Building

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

Contact: Iqbal Agha
Office: 315 SOM Building
Phone: (413) 545-5622

Chair of Department: Professor Agha. Professors Bisgaard, Branch, Kazemi, Lacey, Liang, Nagurney, Nakosteen, O’Brien, Robinson, Schneeweis; Associate Professors Kapadia, Nawalkha; Assistant Professors Getmansky-Sherman, Ghoniem, Solak.

Career Opportunities

Students choosing the Finance concentration are prepared for careers in banking, insurance, investments, and other financial services. Their background is broad enough to allow them to enter most other areas of corporate and business activities, and many go on to graduate school. The Operations Management concentration is the area of business which is involved with the actual management of production, inventory control, product design, materials handling, quality assurance, and transportation. It is concerned with high tech management and productivity. The demand for qualified people in this field is very great and the variety of careers provide students with many options and employment opportunities.

The Major

Two concentrations are offered in the major. For required freshman-sophomore and Isenberg School core courses, see the Isenberg School of Management section of this Guide.

Finance Concentration

1. Departmental courses (12 cr)
304 Information Technology in Finance
320 Investments

One of the following sets of courses:
Corporate Finance
302 Advanced Corporate Finance
412 Bank Management

413 International Finance
422 Financial Engineering

2. Six upper-level courses (18 cr) in the Isenberg School and/or the Economics Department.

3. Five electives (15 cr) not in the Isenberg School or the Economics Department.

Operations Management Concentration

1. Departmental courses (12 cr)
347 Introduction to Operations Management
353 Introduction to Management Science
442 Quality Management
348 Advanced Operations Management

2. Two of the following courses: (6 cr)
341 Logistics and Transportation
354 Topics in Management Science
359 Business Forecasting Methods
456 Applications of Management Science
483 Advanced Problems in Operations Management

3. Four courses (12 cr) of Operations Management electives from related departments, such as:
Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, and Resource Economics, and the Isenberg School of Management.

4. Five electives (15 cr) not in the Isenberg School or the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Finance and Operations Management | Courses | Faculty