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Education Courses

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The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

115 Embracing Diversity (IU) (both sem)
125 OASIS First-Year Seminar 1 cr (both sem)
192 Seminars
Education at the Movies (both sem)
Basic College Survival Skills 1 cr
OASIS Seminar Moving Forward 1 cr
193 Seminar: Your Winning Season 1 cr
197 Special Topics: Intercultural Living 1 cr
210 Social Diversity in Education (IU) (both sem)
229 International Education (SBG) (both sem)
258 Educating for Social Justice and Diversity Through Peer Theatre (U) (both sem)
291 Seminar: Theatre for Social Change (both sem)
292 Seminar: Voices Against Violence (both sem)
293 Seminar: Love and Work (SB)
297 Special Topics: Intercultural Living 1 cr
300 Current Issues in Higher Education (SB)
325 Introduction to Special Education (both sem)
351 Foundations of Education (both sem)
377 Introduction to Multicultural Education (U) (both sem)
378 Survey of Children’s Literature
391 Seminar: Residential Education and Community Development 1 cr
392 Social Issues Seminars 1 cr
Seminars are offered on the dynamics of the following social issues on personal and institutional levels. Social Issues in Education—Racism
Social Issues in Education—Sexism
Social Issues in Education—Heterosexism
Social Issues in Education—Classism
393 Seminars:
Introduction to Early Childhood Education (both sem)
Student Leadership Development (both sem) 1 cr
Exploring Diversity and Social Justice in Community 2 cr
Legal Issues in Student Government in Higher Education
394 Seminars:
Peer Leadership Education
Early Childhood Methods and Curriculum 2 cr
395 Seminar:
Peer Leadership and Facilitation
Issues in Intergroup Relations
396 Independent Study (both sem)
398 Practicum (both sem)
460 The Elementary School Curriculum
461 Principles and Methods of Teaching Reading and Language Arts in the Elementary School (both sem)
463 Principles and Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School (both sem)
482 Pre-Practicum (both sem) 1-2 cr
491 Seminar: Introduction to Inclusion—Principles and Practices (both sem)
492 Seminar: Controversial Issues in Education
497 Special Topics:
Tutoring in Schools (both sem)
Creative Arts for the Young Child (both sem)
500L Student Teaching ESL 3-6 cr (both sem)
500M Student Teaching 5-8 6-12 cr (both sem)
500S Student Teaching 8-12 6-12 cr (both sem)
500Y Student Teaching: Collaborative Teacher Education Program (1-12 cr) (both sem)
510 The Teacher in the Middle and High School Classroom (both sem) 2 cr
511 Teaching Math in the Middle and High School
512 Teaching Science in the Middle and High School
514 Teaching History and Political Science in the Middle and High School
515 Teaching English in the Middle and High School
519 Education and Public Policy
522 Education for Social Justice Education Self-Awareness
524 Work of the Middle and High School Teacher (both sem)
533 Theories and Methods for Sheltered Instruction ELL
542 Contemporary Education Philosophy
555 Introduction to Statistics and Computer Analysis I (both sem)
560 Issues in Instructional Methods in Special Education
561 Science Education in Elementary Schools
570 Professional Orientation to School Counseling
591 Seminars:
Inclusion in Secondary School
Fundamentals of Test Construction
592 Seminars:
Higher Education and Student Activism
Microteaching Lab 2 cr
User Interface Design for Learning
593 Seminars:
Technology in Curriculum
Classroom Assessment
594 Seminars:
Managing Culturally Responsive Classrooms
Women and Oppression
Child and Adolescent Development for the Helping Professions
595 Seminars:
Introduction to College Teaching
Understanding Math Anxiety
Educational Video Production
597 Special Topic: Leadership in Multicultural Tutoring (both sem)
HUMANDEV 252 Basic Concepts in Human Development
HUMANDEV 270 Child Development (SB) (both sem)
HUMANDEV 300 Human Development in Infancy
HUMANDEV 370 Human Development in Adolescence and Young Adulthood (SB)
HUMANDEV 570 Child Development

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