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Comparative Literature Courses

Comparative Literature | Courses | Faculty

The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

121 International Short Story (AL) (both sem)
122 Spiritual Autobiography (ALG) (both sem)
131 Brave New Worlds (ALG) (both sem)
133 Introduction to Science Fiction (AL) (1st sem)
141 Good and Evil, East and West (ALG) (both sem)
151 Fiction East and West (ALG) (2nd sem)
204 Woman, Man, and Myth (AL) (2nd sem)
231 Comedy (AL) (1st sem)
233 Fantasy and World Literature (AL) (2nd sem)
234 Myth, Folk Tale, and Children’s Literature (AL) (2nd sem)
236 Digital Culture (I) (1st sem)
256 Poets and Poetry of New England (1st sem)
291 Seminar
Introduction to Folklore (1st sem)
319 Representing the Holocaust (ALG) (1st sem)
381 Self-Reflective Avant-Garde Film (AT) (2nd sem)
382 Cinema and Psyche (AT) (1st sem)
383 Narrative Avant-Garde Film (AT) (1st sem)
385 Russian Themes in World Cinema (1st sem)
387 Myths of the Feminine (1st sem)
391 Seminars
Comics in North America (1st sem)
Global Reading of U.S. Culture (2nd sem)
Global Tempests (2nd sem)
Literary Criticism (2nd sem)
Spiritual Cinema: East/West (2nd sem)
War Stories (1st sem)
393 Theory and Practice of Translation (2nd sem)
393C International Graphic Novel (2nd sem)
396W Special Problems
397B Junior Year Writing (1st sem)
551 Translation and Technology (2nd sem)

Comparative Literature | Courses | Faculty