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Classics Courses

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The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)


Courses labeled “Classics” contribute towards a liberal education and most carry AL, HS, or AT General Education designations. They require no knowledge of Latin or Greek.

100 Greek Civilization (HS) (1st sem)
102 Roman Civilization (HS) (2nd sem)
200 The Golden Age of Greece (HS) (2nd sem)
202 The Age of Augustus
224 Greek Mythology (AL) (both sem)
261 Greek Voices (AL)
262 Roman Voices (AL)
263 Classical Echoes (AL)
300 Greek Archaeology (AT) (1st sem)
301 Roman Archaeology (AT) (2nd sem)
328 Religions of the Greek World (HS)
329 Religions of the Roman World (HS)
330 Witchcraft and Magic in the Ancient World (HS)
335 Women in Antiquity (HS)
365 World of Greek Drama (AL) (2nd sem)
381 Introduction to Classical Scholarship (2nd sem)
391 World of the Etruscans
394 Greek and Roman Painting
532 Roman Republic
533 Roman Empire
540 Introduction to Sanskrit
592 Hellenistic Kingdoms
608 The Teaching of Classical Humanities in Secondary Schools

Classical Greek

The following Greek courses are offered by the Department of Classics for students majoring in Classics or other fields such as comparative literature, English, or philosophy. Courses at the elementary and intermediate levels fulfill the language requirement of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. At the advanced level, small seminars tailored to the individual needs of students are available in the department and at other of the Five Colleges.

126 Elementary Intensive Classical Greek 6 cr (1st sem)
246 Intermediate Intensive Classical Greek 6 cr (2nd sem)
310 Classical Greek Poetry: Homer (AL) (2nd sem)
320 Classical Greek Prose (AL) (1st sem)
452 History
462 Drama


Note on Elementary and Intermediate Latin: No more than six credits may be earned for any combination of courses at the Elementary level (LATIN 110 through 126). No more than six credits may be earned for any combination of courses at the Intermediate level (LATIN 230 through 246).

The following Latin courses are offered by the Department of Classics. Those at the elementary and intermediate levels fulfill the language requirement of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts.

LATIN 310 and the other advanced courses, together with those in Greek, fulfill the basic requirements of the Classics major or minor and are often taken by those preparing for graduate work in Classics, English, comparative literature, Romance languages, linguistics, ancient philosophy, and ancient, medieval, or church history, as well as by those preparing for professional degrees in business, law, management, medicine, or religion.

Elementary and Intermediate Latin Sequences
The Department of Classics offers two elementary-intermediate Latin sequences: intensive and nonintensive. LATIN 126-246 are intensive courses which allow the student to complete the foreign language requirement in one academic year or during two summer sessions. LATIN 110-120-230-240 is a four-semester, nonintensive sequence for the students who wish to meet the foreign language requirement in two years.

Notes:? Students who fail a course cannot continue to the next course in a sequence until they have retaken and passed the failed course.
LATIN 240 or LATIN 246 may be taken Pass/Fail, but LATIN 110-120-230 or 126 must be taken for graded credit.

Latin Placement Examination
Students who wish to fulfill all or part of the foreign language requirement by examination in Latin may take the Latin placement examination. This examination is administered by the New Student Orientation Office, tel. (413) 545-2621, during summer orientation (June-July of each year). New students wishing to take this exam may sign up during orientation. No advance notice or registration is required. Current students may take the Latin placement exam before the beginning of each semester at the same office.

110 Elementary Latin I (1st sem)
120 Elementary Latin II (2nd sem)
126 Intensive Elementary Latin 6 cr (1st sem & Summer Session I)
230 Intermediate Latin I (1st sem)
240 Intermediate Latin II (2nd sem)
246 Intensive Intermediate Latin 6 cr (2nd sem & Summer Session II)
310 Latin Prose (AL) (1st sem)
320 Latin Poetry (2nd sem)
425 Vergil’s Aeneid
430 Satire
435 Lyric and Elegy
440 History or Biography (1st sem)
445 Drama
450 Cicero’s Orations (1st sem)
455 Poetry of Ovid

600-Level Courses — undergraduate Classics majors may audit with instructor’s consent. Latin author courses at the 600-level are listed only in the Graduate Bulletin.

607 Teaching the Latin Language (1st sem)
608 Teaching Latin Literature
612 Advanced Prose Style
616 Advanced Latin Grammar
620 History of the Latin Language
691 Seminar: History of Latin Literature

Classics | Courses | Faculty