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Afro-American Studies Courses

Afro-American Studies | Courses | Faculty

The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

101 Introduction to Black Studies
111 Survey of African Art (ATG) (both sem)
113 Aesthetics of Pan-African Art (both sem)
117 Survey of Afro-American Literature (ALU) (1st sem)
118 Survey of Afro-American Literature II (ALU) (2nd sem)
132 Afro-American History, 1619-1860 (HSU) (1st sem)
133 Afro-American History, Civil War to 1954 (HSU) (2nd sem)
151 Culture and Literature (ALU)
155 Revolutionary Concepts in Afro-American Music I (ATU) (1st sem)
156 Revolutionary Concepts in Afro-American Music II (ATU) (2nd sem)
161 Introduction to Afro-American Political Science (SBU)
190G Racism and the American Experience
191 African American Short Stories
222 The Black Church in America
232 History of Black Nationalism
234 Literature of the Harlem Renaissance (ALU)
235 Black Sociological Thought (SBU)
236 History of the Civil Rights Movement (HSU)
238 Arts and Cultural Identity
243 Afro-American Folklore
254 Introduction to African Studies (HSG)
257 Afro-American Novel
262 The Radical Tradition in American History
264 Foundations of Black Education in the U.S.
265 The Blues Came Down Like Dark Night Showers of Rain (ATU)
290D Afro-American Poetry: Beginnings to 1900 (ALU)
326 Black Women in U.S. History (HSU)
331 Life and Writings of W.E.B. Du Bois (U)
345 Southern Literature (ALU)
350 African American Islam
361 Revolution in the Third World
365 Composition: Style and Organization (both sem)
390A Jazz and Blues Literature (ALU)
390C Afro-American Literature of the 1930s (ALU)
390E Race, Ethnicity and Gender in U.S. History (HSU)
390G Uncle Tom’s Cabin
390J Cross-Disciplinary Contemporary Issues: War and Patriotism in African American Literature and History (ALU, I)
391-395 Seminars
Literature of the 1940s
From Martin to Obama
Cuba: Social History, Race, Class, and Gender
The Political Thought of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Creative Writing
The Political Economy of Class and Race
The Writings of Chinua Achebe
397B Native Americans/African Americans
397C Black Diasporas

Afro-American Studies | Courses | Faculty