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This is the Guide to Undergraduate Programs of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. All students are responsible for observing the rules and regulations published herein, as well as those in other official publications regarding policies and requirements which may be issued from time to time. Students are also expected to have read other general information documents. The University reserves, for itself and its departments, the right to change its announcements or regulations whenever such action is deemed appropriate or necessary.

The information in this publication is provided solely as a convenience; no contractual liability is assumed. Because courses listed were secured from academic departments prior to a deadline of December 4, 2009, this publication should not be assumed to be currently complete or fully accurate. A final and more complete course listing is contained in the official schedule of courses published by the University for preregistration use each semester, and from which selection of specific courses should be made. The schedule of courses provides course identification by section, and lists times and places of meeting; this Guide does not attempt to serve these functions. Unless otherwise indicated, “the university” in this Guide refers to the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts and “the University” to the five-campus system.

This Guide was prepared by the University Editor with the authorization and assistance of the Office of the Provost, for the use of potential applicants, undergraduate students, and university faculty and departments. The Graduate School Bulletin describing graduate programs and courses is published separately.

Produced by the University Creative Services Office
Editorial: Helen Wise