What to Do if Your UCard is Lost or Stolen

First, suspend your UCard!

If your card is lost or stolen you should suspend your card immediately!  To suspend your debit account at any time, log in to GET Funds and click on the "I Lost My Card" link under the "Quick Links" menu.  During normal business hours you may also suspend your card over the phone by calling the UCard Office at (413) 545-0197.

If you live in campus housing you must also contact the Housing Card Office at (413) 545-0194 during normal business hours, or (413) 545-0812 outside of normal business hours to suspend your residential door access privileges.


How do I get a replacement card?

A replacement card can be obtained if your card is lost or stolen.  To get a replacement, follow the instructions here.


If I can't get a replacement right now, can I get a temporary card?

There are two types of temporary cards that a student can get if their card has been lost or stolen: a temporary meal card to eat at the dining halls, and a tempoary door access card to access their on-campus residence.

Temporary Meal Card

To get a temporary meal card, go to the Meal Plan Office during their normal business hours.  Assuming that you have enough meals on your meal plan, they will transfer 6 meals to your temporary card.  These 6 meals can only be used at the dining commons, not at any retail dining outlets. The card is disposable and should be destroyed after you've used your 6 meals.  Even if you find your card or get a replacment, be sure to use up the meals on your temporary card first, as they will not be transferred back to your UCard.

In an emergency, if you cannot find your UCard and the Meal Plan Office is closed, asked to speak with the manager at the dining commons.  They will allow you to eat after they have you sign paperwork authorizing them to deduct the meal from your meal plan.

Temporary Door Access Card

To sign out a temporary door access card, go to the Residential Service Desk for your residential area.  The card will normally be programmed to work for two days.  You need to return the card to your residential service desk at the end of that time period, or you will be assessed a fee by Residential Life.

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