Purchasing a Replacement UCard

How do I purchase a replacement UCard?

If your UCard has been lost, stolen, or damaged and you need a replacement card, have no fear!  A replacement card is easy to obtain by visiting the UCard office during normal business hours.  

You can pay for your replacement UCard in one of four ways:

  1. Pay in cash
  2. Pay by Check
  3. Pay with UCard Debit Account
  4. Charge to your Bursar's Bill

Unfortunately we cannot accept credit or bank debit cards for purchases.  However, you can use your credit card to put the funds on your UCard Debit Account, and then use your UCard Debit account to pay for your replacement card.


What does it cost to get a replacement UCard?

The cost for a replacement UCard depends both on your relationship to the university and the reason for getting the replacement.

Replacing a Lost/Stolen Student UCard (Normal Price):

  • Replacing a lost or stolen UCard costs $30.00.
  • The $30.00 replacement fee includes taking a new photo if desired

Replacing a Damaged Student UCard (Reduced Price):

  • Replacing a damaged UCard costs only $15.00.
  • To qualify for this reduced price, you must turn in your most current UCard before receiving your replacement UCard. If you do not turn in your most current card, the transaction will be treated as a lost/stolen replacement, and you will have to pay the normal replacement fee of $30.00.
  • You are not eligible for a new photo when replacing a damaged UCard. If you wish to take new photo, you will have to pay the normal replacement fee of $30.00.

Replacing an Employee (Faculty, Staff, NENS) UCard:

  • UMass covers the cost of all employee and NENS UCards. There are no costs to individual employees or NENS when they receive replacement staff UCards.


When I replace my UCard will everything work immediately?

When a replacement UCard is issued, the 16-digit card number associated with the card is changed. Some services, such as meal plans and the UCard debit account, are managed directly within in the UCard system, and will continue to work without interruption. However other services will not work immediately:

  • Door Access: Housing Services' residential door access system and the Physical Plant's door access systems are managed outside of the UCard system.
    • It typically takes 1-3 hours before Housing gets the new card number, at which time your residential door access should resume.
    • It takes one business day before the physical plant system is updated, so it will typically take one day before your new card works for doors in academic or administrative buildings for which you normally have access privileges.
  • 5-College Library Privileges: The 5-College Library system also lies outside of the UCard system.
    • In the case of lost/stolen UCard replacements (not damaged UCard replacements) the 15-digit library barcode number is also changed to prevent anyone who might gain access to your old UCard from using it to borrow library materials in your name.
    • The UMass Library only updates their barcode number database once per day. So if you encounter problems borrowing materials, it may be due to the fact that your record hasn't been updated with the new library barcode on your replacement UCard. Just bring your new UCard to the circulation desk, and library staff will manually update your record in their system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reinstate an older UCard I have from a previous replacement?

Unfortunately no. When the UCard Office issues a replacement UCard for a lost/stolen card, the 16-digit run number associated with your UCard is changed. The previous 16-digit number is wiped from the system and will not ever be reinstated. When you receive your replacement UCard, you will be advised to destroy your old card should you find it again. You should do this because you may become confused as to which UCard is actually the working one.


As all UCards are technically University property, you are only permitted to have one UCard at any given time. Previously replaced UCards that are turned in to, or presented to, the UCard Office will be collected and shredded.

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