Door Access

Your UCard is your primary method of accessing secure buildings on campus.  Please review this troubleshooting guide for information on the most common problems.


Door Access Troubleshooting Guide

What if my UCard fails to let me into my residence hall?

Residential door access failure can occur because of privilege, card, reader, or usage problems:

  • Door access might be improperly assigned to the UCard, or not assigned at all.
  • The UCard could be suspended.
  • The UCard might not be the most recent card.
  • The UCard could be damaged, e.g the internal antenna or smart chip could be broken.
  • The door access reader could be damaged.


All of these problems could individually, or collectively, cause a door access attempt to fail. To find out what the problem is, you should bring your UCard to the UCard Office to be tested.  Each cluster office has a small number of door access cards that can be issued to students who cannot get into their residence halls. However these are only temporary; the expectation is that you will purchase a replacement UCard at the UCard Office as soon as possible.

What if my UCard fails to let me into the Du Bois Library?

The W.E.B Du Bois requires students, faculty, and staff to use their UCards to access the building during the hours from 12am to 7am, Monday through Friday.  Should your card fail to let you into the building during these hours, you will be unable to access the building until after 7am. To test your UCard, bring it to the UCard Office during normal business hours.


Please note that if you are in a NENS (non-employee, non-student) role at the University, your UCard will not function for non-residential door access. The UCard Office is aware of this problem and working with both OIT and the Physical Plant to resolve the issue.

What if my UCard fails to let me into my library study carrel?

Some graduate students have been assigned study carrels at the W.E.B. Du Bois Library that have been fitted with UCard-based door access. This access is actually different from the residential and non-residential door access implemented elsewhere on campus. Specifically, the encoding is located on a different part of the magnetic stripe of the UCard.


If your UCard is not letting into your study carrel, you should bring your card to the Library Circulation Desk located on the entry level of the Du Bois Library for testing. Also, if you purchase a replacement UCard for any reason, you will need to bring your card to the Circulation Desk to have your new card encoded for carrel door access.


Please do not bring your UCard to the UCard Office to address carrel access issues, as we have no way of testing or encoding for that access.

What if my UCard fails to let me into a non-residential building?

Several academic and administrative buildings are fitted with UCard-based door access. This access is assigned and managed by the Physical Plant based on departmental requests.  If your UCard does not let you into a non-residential building that you expected to have access to, you should bring your UCard, to the UCard Office during normal business hours to have it tested.


If your UCard tests out fine at the UCard Office, then you should contact

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