Close a Debit Account

There are two ways that a UCard Debit Account can be closed:

  • Automatic Closure: A student's debit account is automatically closed the semester after the student graduates or withdraws from the university (in March for Fall/Winter graduates, in July for Spring graduates, and in October for Summer graduates). There is no fee associated with automatic account closure.
  • Requested Closure: Accounts can also be closed at the request of the cardholder at any time either online or at the UCard office. Please note that there is a $10 fee for closing accounts by request, with the exception of cardholders that have already left the university according to SPIRE.


What happens to my remaining balance if I close my account?

A closing balance greater than $10 is refunded in full to the student. A closing balance less than $10 is forfeited.  It typically takes 4-6 weeks before you will see your refund check.


I'm ready to close my account.  What now?

To request the UCard Office to close your debit account, you must submit a completed UCard Debit Account closure form.  An online form can be submitted here.  A paper form is also available for download here or in person at the UCard Office.

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