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Lot 64 Dickinson Construction 8/14/15 to 9/5/15 Roofing project to Dickinson Hall that will take up to ten spaces in Lot 64 D. Alternative parking... read more
Summer Service 7/15/15 to 9/7/15 30: Reduced Service31: Reduced Service33: Full... read more
Labor Day | R29, B43 Sunday Service 9/7/15 30: Reduced Weekday 31: Reduced Weekday 33: Full... read more
Full Service Resumes 9/8/15 30: Full Service 31: Full Service 33: Full... read more
We're Always Hiring UMass Transit is offering special concentrated training classes this summer. We offer paid training... read more
Service changes effective September 8th, 2015 Buses will run Summer Service through Labor Day. Full Service resumes on Tuesday, September 8th,... read more

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