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Route 38 Finals Buses 12/16/17 to 12/17/17 All routes are running normal service with an additional bus on Route 38 for 9 AM final exams at... read more
Last Day of Full Service for Most Routes 12/20/17 Service Ends Early on Most Routes No schedule changes for Routes 33, 38, 39, 45, or 46. Route 30:... read more
Reduced Service Ends Early 12/21/17 Reduced Service on Most Routes 30: Reduced Weekday, ends around 8:00 PM31... read more
December Weekday with 5 College Ends Early 12/22/17 Reduced Service on Most Routes 30: Reduced Weekday, Service Ends around 8:00 PM... read more
UMTS Transfer to FRTA UMass Transit Services, along with the Franklin Regional Transit Authority are offering connecting... read more
Roadwork on Holdsworth Way Holdsworth Way Lane and Sidewalk Closure 12/4-8 Contractors associated with the North-ISB Chiller... read more
Winter Session Service Changes, Beginning Dec. 16th, 2017 The below service adjustments for the UMass Winter Session will take effect starting Saturday,... read more
UMass Transit Winter Rider Guide and Tips With winter weather on it's way, UMass Transit would like to inform passengers about possible ... read more

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