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Translation Services

West European languages 0.15-.20/word
Slavic and Nordic languages $0.17-.22/word
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew $0.19-.24/word
Lesser-known languages $0.23-.43/word

Minimum fee $75.00
Notarization $10.00
University certification free

20% surcharge for handwritten, technical, legal, literary, medical, multilingual, and rush service.

Interpreting Services

All languages $60/hour (two hour minimum) (24 hr cancellation)
Travel mileage Current IRS rates
Travel Time $20/hour
Telephone interpreting $50/hour (1.5 hr minimum)
Teleinterpreting (satellite tv) $100-$200/hour plus interpretation rates
Conference Interpreting $350-$500 Half Day
$600-$1000 Full Day
Depending upon subject matter/language.

Software and Web Localization

One time set up fee Variable
Project management $40-$60/hour
Page layout, formatting, editing $40-$60/hour
Translation/localization See above translation rates

Other Services

Foreign language word-processing $30/hour
Transcription and translation $40-$45/hour
English transcription $35/hour
Page layout, formatting, editing $40-$60/hour
Proofreading $.07 – $.20/word
Digital audio and video:
translation and narration
$60/hour plus translation rate
(three hour minimum)
Subtitling $2000-2500 for each hour of video
Photocopying, printing, scanning $0.10-$1.00/page
Miscellaneous supplies $1.00-$50.00
Additional copies (two copies are provided) $10.00 (includes shipping and handling)

Request an Estimate

Ordering through the Translation Center is easy. Send an email to a description of your job and attach a sample of the content (e.g. a couple pages, or a short sample document etc.) and we will send you a free estimate.

Short-notice interpreting services can be requested by contacting the Center directly.

For more complex projects, please send us a description of the job and some sample files. One of our project managers will assess it and contact you directly. We find that taking a little extra time discussing your project, finding out more about your targeted audience and communication goals, is well worth the time. Often we can save you money by solving technical and workflow issues before they emerge.

If you would like to work with us, simply send us your document (mail, email attachment, or posted on a website), and we will translate it, format it, and send you an electronic copy or a final print copy that will be as the original to original as possible in style, layout, and format. Our turn-around time is fast: documents up to five pages can usually be returned within five business days. Longer documents vary based on length and complexity.

Make a Payment

Please have your invoice available with you to process payment. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Thank you for choosing us.

Master Rate Sheet

Here is our master rate sheet. Rates are subject to change. Contact us for more precise estimates.