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Online Translation and Interpreting Certificate

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures is launching a fully online 15-credit certificate in translation and interpreting in Spring 2019. This certificate is offered through the division of Continuing and Professional Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Students can also take individual courses to meet their needs for training or continuing education. For more information, visit


Spring 2019 Courses

LLC 401 – Introduction to Translation (3 credits):
This course introduces students to translation history, theories, and practice. Coursework includes glossary development, applied translation strategies and techniques, translation of texts in different fields, reflection on translation performance, and exploration of different online and traditional research methods for source and target language terms. Instructor: Edgar Moros

LLC 402 – Fundamentals of Interpreting (3 credits):
This course introduces the complex task of spoken language interpreting, with a focus on developing critical-thinking, decision-making, cognitive skills related to interpreting, and basic interpreting skills. Instructor: Elena Landgon Fortier

LLC 552 – Medical Interpreting (3 credits):
This course provides an overview of healthcare settings and offers students opportunities to develop their interpreting skills in this field. It also provides an overview of current national certification exams for medical interpretation. Instructor: Katharine Allen

LLC 511 – Interpreting in Mental Health (2 credits):
This course focuses on theoretical discussions and practice of simultaneous interpreting and strategies as it applies to mental health. It includes discussions of the role of language in diagnosis and treatment. Instructor: Elena Landgon Fortier


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Please contact Cristiano Mazzei, Director of Online Translator and Interpreter Training, at or 413-545-6688, if you have any questions.