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LLC 590IN: Working with Trained Interpreters (2 credits)


Service providers, professionals, and researchers in different fields encounter clients who speak a language other than English. Such interactions are often mediated by spoken language interpreters, thus adding a completely different dimension and complexities to such encounters. This course introduces the framework of the interpreting task, the interpreter's role, code of ethics, and standards of practice. Topics include power differentials in intercultural communication, disparities in service provision, their effects on culturally diverse and limited-English proficient populations, and legislation related to interpreting and translation services.

Cost and Enrollment Information

LLC 590IN is offered through Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) and listed under the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

This six-week course will be offered September 4, 2018 through October 12, 2018.


LLC 552: Medical Interpreting


This is a multilingual online course open to interpreters, translators, bilingual health workers, nurses, doctors, hospital administrators, therapists, social workers, and anyone interested in improving the quality of bilingual health care. During this course, students apply interpreting theory and practice in a medical setting by completing weekly exercises. Knowledge and skills covered include medical terminology, word derivations, abbreviations, memory retention, note-taking, interpreting modes, standards of practice, ethics, multicultural decision-making, and more.


Requirements include advanced knowledge of one language other than English (LOTE), general knowledge of scientific concepts, and the desire to improve interpreting skills. If the course instructor feel that your language skills are not sufficient to pass the course, you may drop the course during the first two weeks and receive a full refund.

Cost and Enrollment Information

LLC 552 is offered through Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) and listed under the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

This course will be offered in Spring 2019.

Spring 2019 begins on January 22 and ends on May 1. Students who successfully complete this course with a grade of C and higher will receive a certificate in Medical Interpreting issued by the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and are eligible for three hours of academic credit.


Please contact Cristiano Mazzei, Director of Online Translator and Interpreter Training, at or 413-545-6688, if you have any questions.