Implementation Committee

Tobacco-Free Policy Implementation Committee

  • Marjorie Aelion, Dean, School of Public Health and Health Sciences
  • Ann Becker, Public Health Nurse, UHS
  • Wesley Blixt, Associate News Editor for Internal Communications
  • Alan Calhoun, Director of Medical Care, UHS
  • Juanita Holler, Associate VC, Facilities and Campus Services
  • Robert Horowitz, Family Physician, UHS
  • Eddie Hull, Executive Director, Residential Life
  • Akshay Kapoor, President, SGA
  • Sally Linowski, Associate Dean for Off Campus Student Life and Community Education¬†
  • Marian MacDonald, Professor of Psychology
  • Susan Pearson, Associate Chancellor, chair
  • Donald Robinson, Director, EHS
  • Christopher Sweetapple, graduate student
  • Donald Teres, Labor Relations Specialist
  • Wilmore Webley, Associate Professor of Microbiology