Contact and Feedback

Tobacco-Free UMass continuously seeks to better understand the effects and needs of the university policy and its corresponding program. We welcome any input regarding the policy, including any violations from the campus community. Please feel free to email any questions, concerns, violations or suggestions to

You may also choose to submit feedback anonymously with the Tobacco-Free UMass Feedback form.

From all of us, thank you for your compliance and partnership in making this a 100% tobacco-free campus!

Tobacco-Free Policy Implementation Committee

  • Marjorie Aelion, Dean, School of Public Health and Health Sciences
  • Ann Becker, Public Health Nurse, UHS
  • Wesley Blixt, Associate News Editor for Internal Communications
  • Alan Calhoun, Director of Medical Care, UHS
  • Juanita Holler, Associate VC, Facilities and Campus Services
  • Robert Horowitz, Family Physician, UHS
  • Eddie Hull, Executive Director, Residential Life
  • Akshay Kapoor, President, SGA
  • Sally Linowski, Associate Dean for Off Campus Student Life and Community Education¬†
  • Marian MacDonald, Professor of Psychology
  • Susan Pearson, Associate Chancellor, chair
  • Donald Robinson, Director, EHS
  • Christopher Sweetapple, graduate student
  • Donald Teres, Labor Relations Specialist
  • Wilmore Webley, Associate Professor of Microbiology