If I Want an Investigation, Who Will Handle It?

Cases involving students as alleged perpetrators are handled by the Dean of Students Office (DOSO). Cases involving employees as alleged perpetrators are handled by the Equal Opportunity Office. If a crime has been committed, University Police (UMPD) will complete their investigation first. UMPD, EO, and DOSO staff are specially trained to handle their investigations with sensitivity and respect for victim’s privacy. Both students and employees can be held accountable to both legal and university authorities for acts which constitute violations of law and university policies. Disciplinary action taken by the university will proceed whether or not any criminal prosecution occurs. If criminal charges are dismissed or reduced in court, those judgments are not considered grounds for challenging university disciplinary actions.

For Situations Involving Students:

The Dean of Students Office serves as a central point for coordinating resources to support students who are experiencing crisis including crisis related to sexual misconduct. DOSO staff will provide support, advocacy, assistance, and connection to resources, while taking every precaution to ensure that privacy considerations are respected.

For Situations Involving Students If You Are a UMass Employee:

By law, any faculty or staff who become aware of the possibility of an on or off campus incident of sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence, stalking or other assault or harassment involving a UMass Amherst student (either as victim or perpetrator), must promptly report the incident(s)* to their supervisor or directly to the Dean of Students Office at 413-545-2684.

*This is subject to exceptions that can apply to law enforcement personnel, licensed clinicians, certified rape crisis or domestic violence counselors, or clergy.

For Situations Involving Staff or Faculty:

Anyone who becomes aware of a potential incident of sexual misconduct, relationship violence, stalking, or other violence or harassment involving staff or faculty should promptly bring it to the attention of the supervisor, department head, or dean so steps can be taken to provide support for victim-survivors. You may also report directly to the Equal Opportunity Office. If you are a UMass staff or faculty member, you may also report to your supervisor, department head, or dean.

EO undertakes investigations for sexual misconduct or harassment complaints involving staff or faculty as alleged perpetrators. When a claim is investigated, EO can assist with putting interim measures in place. In accordance with the Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures, EO provides both formal and informal means of resolving sexual harassment complaints (although if the incident involved sexual violence, the incident would be handled formally) between employees or are filed by a student against an employee.