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The Undergraduate Program


The dramaturgy courses in the B.A. program are designed to give all students the tools they need for becoming thoughtful artists in working with theater text, as well as a rich appreciation of theater in all its varieties and contexts.  The courses involve play analysis, theater history, dramatic theory, critical writing, creative writing, and the role of the dramaturg in the theater. Each course is structured around a specific repertory of dramatic texts reflecting a particular culture, historical period, or style. The dramaturgy requirement—specifically, Theater 320, 321, or 322—also fulfills the university’s Junior Year Writing Requirement.

A handful of exceptional upper-level students may be invited to serve as production dramaturgs on Department productions and enroll in the graduate-level Dramaturgy Workshop.     

Click here to listen to Professor Megan Lewis talk about the courses she's excited to teach.

Email Professors Harley Erdman, Megan Lewis, Chris Baker or Priscilla Page.

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