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A Space of Connection and Dialogue

We, the members of the Department of Theater at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, believe theater is a place for finding inspiration and new ways to come together with others. Theater is a place where diverse and divergent ideas and perspectives can be shared and exchanged. In a climate of oppression and silence, we are committed, as artists, scholars, intellectuals, and activists to amplifying and affirming those perspectives.

We make a commitment to be a welcoming space, on our stages and in our classrooms, to hold the vital conversations about what it means to live in this country and be a member of this society.

We promote an artistic and academic engagement that:

  • Affirms and validates our shared humanity
  • Respects all racial, ethnic, religious, gender, class, ability, and sexual identities
  • Encourages empathy and compassion for all
  • Practices human connection and engagement

Our doors are open to all members of the community who want to be a part of the conversation.