Performances and special events planned as part of our 2015-2016 mainstage season

Come imagine

Come enjoy

Come laugh

Come learn

Come think

Come connect

Come (to a) play

Theater is about connection.

We come together in a darkened room, united by the spectacle we see before us. We have a good time, we get inspired, we learn things we might’ve never known otherwise. We get a chance to think about what it must be like to live lives that are different from ours. We think about what it means to be creative, to be alive, to be citizens of the world together.

Come imagine, enjoy, laugh.


Come to a play at UMass Theater.

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This season’s shows are all new works, with several either developed or re-envisioned here at UMass! Stay for free talks to learn about the challenges and rewards of creating fresh, cutting-edge theater. Check this page for the schedule as each production nears!

See our outreach page for information about the Morning Matinee and related resources.

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By David Adjmi
Directed by Christina Pellegrini
Rand Theater

marie antoinette

11/5/15 Half-price Preview at 7:30
11/7/15, 11/11/15, 11/12/15, 11/13/15 at 7:30
11/14/15 at 2:00 & at 7:30

“I was built to be this thing; and now they’re killing me for it.” In Adjmi’s poetic modern text, Marie is imagined as a celebrity at once celebrated and scorned for her excesses, simultaneously a trapped girl and a vapid power-broker. She is watched at all moments, and we eat it up—and then we eat her up.

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Attend one of our free post-show talks to learn more about some of the themes and ideas explored in the play. Talks immediately follow the performance and are free to anyone and everyone — you don't need to be an audience member!

Schedule of topics:
Nov. 7: Revolutionary Fashion! How Clothes Make the Movement
Nov. 11: Going Viral: Mass Media and Social Movements
Nov. 12: Britney in '07: Celebrity Culture and the Destruction of Idols
Nov. 13: Bad Mama: Motherhood and Leadership


donny johns press

Music by Aaron Jones
Story & words by Harley Erdman & Gina Kaufmann
Directed by Gina Kaufmann
Musical direction by Mark Swanson
Curtain Theater

11/19/15, 11/20/15, 11/21/15, 12/3/15, 12/4/15 at 7:30
12/5/15 at 2 pm

How does Don Juan’s notorious modus operandi fare when it’s deployed on a contemporary college campus? Darkly comic and set to a propulsive rock beat, the new musical Donny Johns explores the legend from the perspective of the women targeted for seduction. This story, developed here at UMass, digs irreverently into issues of consent, sex, love, and romance, examining the consequences, good and bad, of hook-up culture and shifting sexual mores.

Please stay after each performance for a post-show Q&A with the artists — your thoughts about this new musical are vital to its further development!

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By Caryl Churchill
Directed by Nikoo Mamdoohi
Curtain Theater

2/25/16 Half-Price Preview at 7:30
2/27/16, 3/1/16, 3/2/16, 3/3/16, 3/4/16 at 7:30
3/5/16 at 2:00 & at 7:30

In acquiring the gadgets we use to connect, have we lost the reason for our communication: how to share our feelings, care for others, and love? Love and Information prompts us to see ourselves, our lives, our concerns, and all our longings in surprising new ways. Churchill’s dazzling language draws us into brief encounters with a series of characters, until the story that emerges is not about individuals, but about humanity and connection.

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By Kim Euell and TBA
Directed by Christina Pellegrini and TBA
Curtain Theater

3/24/16, 3/31/16 Show #1 at 7:30
4/2 Show #1 at 2:00
3/25/16, 4/1/16, 4/2/16 Show #2 at 7:30

It isn’t every day you get to be so intimately a part of creating new work. In Play Lab, playwrights (Kim Euell and another yet to be announced) work with a dedicated team to mount staged readings of two brand-new works, followed by a lively conversation between audience and artists. Those performances and discussions will transform not just how audiences see and experience the act of artistic creation, it will shape the future of the plays that are performed!

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Created and directed by Ping Chong and Talvin Wilks
Produced in association with Ping Chong + Company
Rand Theater

4/14/16 Half-Price Preview at 7:30
4/16/16, 4/20/16, 4/21/16, 4/22/16 at 7:30
4/23/16 at 2:00 & at 7:30
Morning Matinee 4/15/16 at 10 (open to schools, youth organizations, adult learning groups, educational outings, etc. Study guides and post-show Q&A are free for Morning Matinee patrons.)

What would visitors from another world think if they looked at the race history of America? In Collidescope, an alien species attempts to make sense of a subject fraught with inherent misperceptions, ironies and contradictions. Collidescope, a devised piece originally created by the world-renowned Ping Chong + Company, will be re-envisioned to inject unique events from Amherst’s history into the bigger picture of race, racism, and citizenship in America, moving back and forth in time from the 1700’s to present day, to connect the dots between America’s troubled racial history and its on-going consequences.

Please join us also for the Rand Lecture, a conversation with Ping Chong and Talvin WIlks about their work, at 4 p.m. on April 4 in the Rand Theater.

This piece is the culmination of the Art, Legacy, and Community project, a two-year investigation into local African-American history, and uses theater as a powerful means to interrogate where we have come from and where we are going as a society. Art, Legacy & Community is supported by the UMass Department of Theater, the WEB DuBois Dept. of Afro American Studies, the Commonwealth Honors College, the President’s Creative Economy Fund, a Public Service Endowment Grant, Arts at Amherst and MOSAIC (Five College Multicultural Theater Committee).

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