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The Graduate Program

We are currently in our hiatus year in our admissions cycle. Our next admission deadline is January 15, 2017, for the class to enter Fall of 2017.

Scene Design and Technology

A well conceived and executed design rewards the performer and audience with the physical world for a story that did not exist before the creative team came together.  That’s why we emphasize a collaborative commitment to storytelling in our curriculum.
Working on departmental productions and on theoretical projects helps develop mastery of the scenic design process by focusing on:

These topics are fully explored in Scenic Design and Technology Studio or in special classes over a three-year course of studies. Courses in Scenic Construction Techniques and Technical Direction, give students a unique opportunity to bring together artistic and project management skills in both design and technology.

The program features individual mentorship by professionals. It prepares students for careers in the theatrical profession or academia.

Download the benchmarks for the Scenic Design MFA program (PDF).

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