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The Graduate Program

We are currently accepting applications. Our next admission deadline is January 15, 2018, for the class to enter Fall of 2018.


The Lighting Program is fueled by passion — passion for the ability of light to transform, and for the potential of the theatrical event. Technical and creative training in class is augmented by yearly production assignments. Designing and assisting on realized productions affords our students the opportunity to articulate their artistic voices and to learn to work effectively as part of a collaborative team. Students are mentored individually to uncover their own voices in a supportive yet challenging environment, both in the classroom and in the theater. This close mentoring relationship is an integral part of our lighting program — each graduate class is kept small to allow for an honest and challenging one-on-one relationship between professor and student. At the same time, the graduate student will have the opportunity to practice teaching both inexperienced and experienced undergraduates, and will be mentored in developing his or her own educational skills as part of the program. These close relationships often lead to further academic and professional opportunities after graduation. When they leave the department, students will enter into a valuable network of UMass graduates in the professional field. Graduating students will be equipped with artistic, technical and professional skills that render them prepared for the rigors of working in the professional theater as well as for teaching.

Download the benchmarks for the Lighting MFA program (PDF).

Download a sample plan of study.

Email professor Penny Remsen.

Email department master electrician Michael Dubin.

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