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The Graduate Program

We are currently accepting applications. Our next admission deadline is January 15, 2018, for the class to enter Fall of 2018.


The Dramaturgy Program is rooted in production work and in learning how to work collaboratively as part of a creative team. Dramaturgy students work on at least one production each year, receiving one-on-one faculty mentoring through each of these production assignments. In addition to hands-on production experience, students learn a variety of approaches to their craft in the weekly Dramaturgy Workshop, where other important dramaturgical skills—including translation, adaptation, playwriting, and critical writing—are nurtured. Rigorous academic work, coupled with this intensive dramaturgical training, prepares students for the creative and analytical challenges they will face working as leaders in the professional theater, developing and curating the theater of the future.

The Dramaturgy Program provides flexibility for students to draw upon the larger resources of the Five Colleges to take classes in areas of particular interest and passion. A major component is an original thesis project, undertaken in the student’s third year.

Download the benchmarks for the Dramaturgy MFA program (PDF).

Downoad a sample plan of study for the Dramaturgy MFA program (PDF).

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