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The Graduate Program

Our next admission deadline is January 15, 2017, for the class to enter Fall of 2017.

We are currently in the process of hiring a new Costume Design Professor and are excited about the opportunity to explore new directions and areas with our scenic design MFA program beginning in Fall 2017.


The Costume Program provides a rigorous laboratory in which students develop sophisticated skills in research; conceptualization; oral, written and visual communication; design, rendering and drawing; management; and pertinent technical areas. Much of this training is acquired through assignments directly linked to Department of Theater productions. Working on these productions, students not only gain design experience but also receive strong technical grounding in construction and pattern making through work in the costume shop. Practical work is augmented with paper projects to develop a well-rounded, professional portfolio. As students progress through the program, all projects are individually mentored to best enhance the student's training and the development of skills suited for working in the professional theater.

Download the benchmarks for the Costume MFA program (PDF).

Download a sample plan of study for the Costume Design MFA program (PDF).

Email costume shop manager Kristin Jensen.

Email lecturer Oana Botez

Email lecturer Ciera Wells


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