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Support UMassTheater during #UMassGives!

#UMassGives supports cross-disciplinary collaboration

Visit our #UMassGives page to learn more and to find the link to donate on April 26 & 27!

Among alumnus Stephen Driscoll’s most vivid memories of his time at UMass Amherst are cross-disciplinary collaborations — art students sketching performers as they rehearsed; music and dance students bringing their skills to theatrical works; falling in love with that most collaborative of genres, musical theater.

Small wonder, then, that Driscoll has established the Stephen P. Driscoll Musical Theater Endowment, which will eventually fund “musical theater or incorporation of music and/or dance into theater produced by the Department of Theater.”

Supporting collaboration is the focus of the Department of Theater’s #UMassGives campaign, a 36-hour online donation campaign. We invite all our friends and supporters to join us in growing the Stephen Driscoll Musical Theater Fund, a companion Fund to the eventual Endowment that will allow us to begin these collaborations RIGHT NOW!

What does the Fund do? While of course the projects we undertake include full-on musical theater productions, the fund benefits students in many other ways, whether that’s supporting team-taught cross-disciplinary classes, inviting dancers to choreograph movement in plays, or recruiting musicians to accompany our work. We already have a project in the works that illustrates how we hope to use the fund — Music department members are composing original vocal music for our adaptation of a Spanish Golden Age play coming to our stages in Spring 2019.

We are excited to use this #UMassGives opportunity to raise funds and awareness of our Stephen Driscoll Musical Theater Fund.

During last year’s #UMassGives, we had over 76 donors give more than $3000 to theater. We’d love to do even better this year! In fact, we’ve signed on for a challenge — if we can get the most donations from individual donors on April 26 between 2 and 3 p.m., we could win an extra $2000.

Please share on your social media, and if you can give, please mark your calendars to make a donation during #UMassGives!

Thanks so much!

The Ed Golden Acting Scholarship

Jordan and Lily
Jordan Reed and Lily Filippatos were the first two
recipients of the Ed Golden Acting Scholarship in 2016

The actor who delivered one of the most iconic speeches in scifi moviedom, and his wife, a renowned dancer and performer; the charismatic driving force behind one of the most successful shows ever to run on the USA channel, and the man currently sharing a screen with The Rock on his new hit HBO series — what do they have in common? A mentor from UMass Theater.

Bill Pullman '80G (Independence Day, Sleepless in Seattle, Spaceballs) and his wife Tamara Hurwitz Pullman '81 (Healing Wars), Jeffrey Donovan '91 (Burn Notice, Fargo, Sicario), and Rob Corddry '93 (The Daily Show, Childrens Hospital, Ballers) all fondly remember Professor Emeritus Ed Golden as critically important to their development as actors. So grateful are they that they have created a scholarship in Golden's honor.

The brand-new Ed Golden Scholarship offers a cash award to gifted undergraduate acting students enrolled in the University of Massachusetts Department of Theater. This scholarship is the first and only given out by the department specifically to support performers. Two students, Lily Filippatos and Jordan Reed, were honored during the first award ceremony on Oct. 21, which was attended by Corddry and Hurwitz Pullman. They, plus Donovan, also participated in a series of other events that weekend to connect with theater students and the community (Watch the slideshow of the weekend's events below.).

Theater chair Gina Kaufmann thanked the actors for their generosity both in setting up the scholarship and in coming to visit the department. "The support is incredibly important for our students; not only the financial support, but the encouragement from working professionals."

We hope to grow the Ed Golden Acting Scholarship Endowment and are grateful for donations.

Click here if you'd like to make a gift to the Golden Endowment.


Support the Department of Theater's ongoing efforts to maintain and upgrade its facilities by purchasing a seat in the Rand Theater. Each purchased seat is marked with an inscription of the donor's choosing.

Two seat-purchase options are available:

  • Orchestra seat: $400
  • Loge or balcony seat: $200

Your gift may be paid in full or pledged over two years, and the Department will contact you about your plaque inscription.

Smaller donations to the Rand Theater are also very much appreciated.

Click here if you'd like to Mark Your Spot


The Susan M. and Larry G. Benedict Scholarship Endowment was created to provide undergraduate scholarship support for students within the Department of Theater who are studying theater design, production, and management. The Chair of the Department of Theater or designee, in consultation with key faculty and staff, will select each year's recipient(s). Special consideration will be given to sophomores and juniors who have demonstrated technical proficiency and a commitment of professionalism.

Click here if you'd like to give to the Benedict Endowment.


The Frank Prentice Rand Scholarship in Drama, funded by the generous bequest of the late Margarita H. Rand, honors Professor Frank Prentice Rand, who taught dramatic literature at UMass in the English Department. Our Rand Theater is named for him because he and Mrs. Rand loved theater and promoted the founding of our department.

Nominees for the Frank Prentice Rand Scholarship in Drama should be undergraduate theater majors of exceptional scholarship and outstanding achievement in the areas of:

  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Playwriting
  • Dramaturgy

Click here if you'd like to give to the Rand Scholarship.


The College of Humanities and Fine Arts has generously made scholarship funds available to assist UMass undergraduate or graduate students in making the Grahamstown Festival Course possible as a study abroad option. These funds are awarded based on need and/or merit. Priority is given to Theater majors, but all UMass students can apply for consideration.

Click here if you'd like to give to the Grahamstown Festival Course Scholarship.


The Driscoll scholarship, which was established by Stephen Driscoll '73 in 2014, enables a qualified student from UMass to attend the Midsummer in Oxford Program by covering 50 percent of tuition and airfare. Driscoll is an alumnus of UMass and a board member of the American Friends of BADA.

We are not currently seeking additions to the Driscoll Scholarship.

If you'd like to make a gift to the general fund, you can click here.