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Infants of the Spring

Adapted by Ifa Bayeza from the 1932 novel by Wallace Thurman

Directed by Ifa Bayeza


Imagine living in a boarding house during the Harlem Renaissance, elbow to elbow with a vibrant collective of African-American thinkers, writers, artists, musicians, and poets. All of that creative energy births brilliant work about race, gender, sex, class, and gentrification — but can it truly effect social change? And how do these artists balance the calling of their creative muses, their need to support themselves, and their belief in social justice? Ifa Bayeza’s vibrant adaptation of Thurman’s satirical roman a clef challenges us to consider the power of art to effect social change today.

$5 for students and seniors, $15 general admission


Dramaturg Priscilla Page invites you to stay after the performance on the following days for conversations about INFANTS OF THE SPRING (all happening in the Rand Theater; free and open to audience members):

Friday, March 23: 
The creative team of INFANTS OF THE SPRING invites audience members to remain after the performance for a post-play discussion with our designers and cast.

Saturday, March 24: 
Join us after the matinee performance for a conversation with playwright and director Ifa Bayeza.

Thursday, March 29:
Remain after the performance for a post-play conversation with Professor Djola Branner of Hampshire College.