What Will Grad School Cost?

Graduate school is a challenging, fun, rigorous, and rewarding experience. You’ll learn new ideas and skills, develop an incredible network of friends and colleagues, and position yourself for career success. This educational investment also entails a significant commitment of time, effort, and financial resources.

Here are some program costs to consider:

Tuition and Fees

Semester:       $7,025
Year:                $14,050

New England Region*
Semester:      $11,614
Year:               $23,228

Semester:      $14,273
Year:               $28,546

In addition to tuition and fees there is a one-time $357 enrollment fee, a $275/semester program fee, and a $30/semester Graduate Student Senate Tax. This sums to: $692. There is also a fee if you opt for the University’s health care plan, but if you already have health care this can be waived. The full tuition and fee table is available here.

Students should also allot $700 - $1,400 per month in living and personal expenses. This sums to a minimum of $8,400 for 12 months.

* More information on the New England Region tution reduction can be found on the Bursars Office website.

To help fund graduate education we encourage students to apply for outside scholarships and fellowships. Financial assistance is also available through the University's financial aid services.

As a 1-year professional program we do not offer Teaching or Research Assistantships. The intensive pace makes it difficult for students to take on outside TA commitments. In addition, the professional orientation of the program means there is no required research component, thus we do not have RA positions.

As an interdisciplinary program the Sustainability Science MS brings a diverse network of top-notch faculty to your education. Learn more >