Ryan Fahey     

Cohort 1
Title: Senior Renewable Energy Analyst
C​ompany: The Cadmus Group, Inc. 
Practicum: Business development intern for Sungage Financial, a residential solar financing start-up in Amherst, MA


Brian Pizzi

Cohort 1
Title: Quantitative Research Analyst
Company: Ontegrity, Inc.
Practicum: UMASS Facilities Management, UMASS Planning


Sarah Hebert

Cohort 2
Title: Operations Manager 
Company: Trinity Solar
Practicum: Education and Outreach Ecofellow at the Center for EcoTechnology in Pittsfield, MA

Vanessa Bighinatti

Cohort 3
Title: Marketing & Lean Coordinator
Company: TRO
Practicum: A Better City- Sustainability Intern


Katie Desmarais

Cohort 3
Title: Hydrologic Technician  
Company: US Geological Survey 
Practicum: Hatfield Laboratory, laboratory technician

Courtney Angen     

Cohort 4
Title: Apparel Buyer and Department Manager 
C​ompany: UMass Store, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Practicum: PV potential analysis for Holyoke, MA using GIS for UMass Clean Energy Extension 

Todd Beals 

Cohort 4
Title: GIS Arborist
Company: University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Practicum: ReGreen Springfield - established citizen science programs, organized community tree plantings, grant writing, planned and planted two urban orchards in low income neighborhoods, and trained citizen tree stewards. Also developed the Tree Campus USA application for UMass. 


Aimee Bushman    

Cohort 4
Title: Ocean Planning Outreach Manager 
C​ompany: Conservation Law Foundation 
Practicum: Completed her practicum at the job she recieved directly after graduating 

Lindsay (Kenney) Gallant

Cohort 4
Title: Solar Design & Permitting Specialist
Company: ReVision Energy
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Sarah Lang

Cohort 4
Title: Project Manager, Southern VT Economy Project
Company: Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation
Practicum: St. Clair Development
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Arianna Moscone

Cohort 4
Title: Sustainability Coordinator
Company: UMass Amherst
Practicum: UMass Office of Waste Management, Assessing the Environmental and Monetary Impacts of Waste Management Practices at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, UMass Amherst

Donata Asta Netunisa

Cohort 4
Title: Accountant
Company: Johanes Don Bosco Do Prime Clinic
Practicum: Simple Gift Farm Amherst

Toni-Marie Powell

Cohort 4
Title: Community Retrofit Outreach Coordinator
Company: Pratt Center for Community Development
Practicum: Sustainable Development - Addressing Urban Sustainability with Green Infrastructure and High-Quality Urban Design in Commercial Real Estate, Silverstein Properties Inc in NYC.
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Sumedha Rao 

Cohort 4
Title: Assistant Project Manager 
Company: Entegrity
Practicum: Earthships Biotechture (helped build off-the-grid sustainable houses)

Brittany Sims    

Cohort 4
Title: Environmental Consultant 
C​ompany: Green Restaurant Association  
Practicum: Conducted a research project and wrote a manuscript with Professor Andy Danylchuk (UMass) on the presence and accuracy of catch and reslease best practice guidelines found on recreational angling NGO websites

Ryan Wicks    

Cohort 4
Title: Research Adjunct, Adjunct Faculty
C​ompany: UMass Amherst Transportation Center, UMass Amherst School of Public Policy
Practicum: I interned with the Springfield-based company, "Spirit Solar", where I worked on two primary projects. I helped to design and build a custom solar-powered drip irrigation and greenhouse system for the Springfield-based urban farming cooperative "Garden the Community". I designed and constructed the solar power system which provided power to the greenhouse and irrigation pump year-round.

Seth Engelbourg

Cohort 5
Title: Naturalist Educator and Program Manager
Company: Linda Loring Nature Foundation, Nantucket, MA
Practicum: Field Research and Education Assistant, Linda Loring Nature Foundation 

Rebecca Longvall

Cohort 5
Title: Assistant Project Coordinator
Company: Worcester Tree Initiative 
Practicum: Worcester Tree Initiative 


Kris Badertscher

Cohort 6
Title: Field Organizer
Company:  Friends of Northampton Trails & Greenways
Practicum: Pioneer Valley Planning Commission


Christopher Copeland

Cohort 6 
Title: Sustainability Consultant
Company:  Wellspring Cooperative Corporation
Practicum: Wellspring Harvest Greenhouse
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Jacquelyn Hynes

Cohort 6 
Title: Graduate Research Assistant
Company: University of Massachusetts Amherst Office of Waste Management
Practicum: Nuestra Comida
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Zachary Jenkins

Cohort 6 
Title: Meal Solutions Clerk
Company: Fresh Acres Market
Practicum: Senator Edward J. Markey’s Boston Office
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Jesse Koyen

Cohort 6 
Title: Land Protection and Stewardship Specialist
Company: Door County Land Trust
Practicum: Door County Land Trust
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Hannah Leighton

Cohort 6 
Title: Farm to Institution Research Associate
Company: Farm to Institution New England (FINE)
Practicum: Farm Fresh Rhode Island
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Brendan McGowan

Cohort 6
Title: Monitoring and Regulatory Billing Analyst
Company: Solect Energy
Practicum: Solect Energy
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Caroline Myran

Cohort 6
Title: Project Manager
Company: New Venture Advisors LLC
Practicum: CISA
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Jeremy Price

Cohort 7
Title: City Planner / Clean Energy Project Manager
Company: City of Gloucester, MA
Practicum: UMass Clean Energy Extension 
LinkedIn >


Santoshi Nadimpalli

Cohort 7
Title: Environmental Health & Sustainability Intern
Practicum: UMass Medical School in Worcester, MA 
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